Lexicon: outgrow – outside

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outgrow (outgrown), v. [see out, adv. + grow, v.]

  1. Surpass; transcend; move beyond; exceed the capacity of.
  2. Forget; become tired of; cease to enjoy.

outgrown, verbal adj. [see outgrow, v.]

Forgotten; useless; old; obsolete; out-dated; no longer relevant.

outlast (-s), v. [see out, adv. + last, v.]

Lives longer than; exceed in duration.

outlet (-s), n. [see out, adv. + let, v.]

Exit; release; way out; [fig.] result; product; [metaphor] spoken language; written expression; creative writing; philosophy or philology.

outlive (-d), v. [see out, adv. + live, v.]

Survive; outlast; live after something has ceased.

outraged, adj. [AN utrage; see out, adv.]

Incensed; angered; furious; bitter; rancorous; resentful; deeply offended; full of rage.

outside, adj. [see out, adj. + side, n.]

outside, adv. [see outside, adj.]

outside, n. [see outside, adj.]

Exterior; external image; physical dimension; temporal aspect.

outside, prep. [see outside, adj.]