Lexicon: odious – off

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odious (-er), adv. [OFr < L.]

Hatefully; hideously; in an aggravating manner.

odor (-s), n. [OFr < L.]

Smell; scent.

odorless, adj. [see odor, n.]

Without scent.

oer (o'er), adv. [see over, adv. and over, prep.]

o'er, prep. [see over, adv. and over, prep.]

o'ertakeless, adj. [see overtake, v.]

of (o'), prep. [OE; expresses genitive case and other relationships.]

  1. [Name: A is named B] called; named; known as; [fig.] which is; that makes up.
  2. [Direction: A is a direction in relation to B] from; outside; in relation to.
  3. [Material: A is made from B] made from; produced with.
  4. [Name: B is a name for something] which is.
  5. [Content: A is a container for B] containing; having in it.
  6. [Place: B is where A is located] located in; found in.
  7. [Symbol: A represents B] representing; signifying; referring to; standing for.
  8. [Source: A comes from B] come from; be derived from.
  9. [Origin: A has roots in B] from; born in; native to.
  10. [Place: A is located in B] in.
  11. [Cause: A is a specific result] due to; with regard to; with reference to.
  12. [Reference: A is verb referring to B] about; concerning.
  13. [Composition: A as a whole has B as constituents] populated by.
  14. [Interpretation: B defines A] fixed; determined; set up; stem from.
  15. [Family: A is a child from B] born to; created by; begotten by; descended from.
  16. [Agent: B accomplishes A] by; through.
  17. [Ownership: A belongs to B] belonging to; possessed by.
  18. [Time: A is a time within B] in; within; belonging to.
  19. [Role: A has responsibility, position, or power over B] over; superior to; responsible for; higher in position than.
  20. [Family: A is the predecessor for B] to; for; [word play] having experienced many.
  21. [Similarity] like; similar to.
  22. [Relationship: A opposes B] opposing; against; contrary to.
  23. [Access: B provides A] Available through; possible via; accessible by.
  24. [Attribute: B describes A] having; born with; characterized by.
  25. [Name: B has been given a name] pertaining to; associated with.
  26. [Copula: A constitutes B] that is; which constitutes.
  27. [Color: A has the color B] which is; that has the color.
  28. [Family: A is the begger for B] begetting; raising; protecting; watching; providing for.
  29. [Affect] Phrase. “Come of”: happen to.
  30. Phrase. “Of course”: certainly; without question [see course, n.]
  31. Phrase. “time o' year”: the season; the period in the calendar; the time of the year.

off, adj. [see off, adv.]

Phrase. “further off”: more distant; [fig.] more difficult.

off, adv. [OE of, a form of of.]

  1. Away from; not toward; departing from.
  2. Distant; far.
  3. Removed; apart; uncovering; separated from the body.
  4. Abated; in remission.

off, prep. [see off, adv.]

Not on.