Lexicon: opulent – ordain

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opulent, adj. [MFr.]

Rich; wealthy; affluent; lavish; luxurious.

or, conj. [OE oððe; see other.]

  1. Alternatively; on the other hand; [connects words in a series to demonstrate alternatives.]
  2. And; in addition; [connects words in a series to demonstrate variety.]
  3. Maybe; perhaps; possibly [connects words to show uncertainty.]
  4. Rather; stated another way.
  5. Lest; otherwise.
  6. Alternately; [connects the clauses in a correlative construction.]
  7. If [connects conditional propositions.]
  8. Another choice; [connects words in a series to demonstrate possibilities.]
  9. Nor; not either; [connects the words in a correlative phrase.]
  10. Phrase. “Or else”: otherwise; alternatively.

orange, adj. [ME orenge < OFr.]

Reddish, yellow, color.

orator, n. [ME < OFr < L. orator-em, speaker, beseecher, agent < ōrāre, to speak, plead, pray.]

Rhetorician; preacher; public speaker; [fig.] robin; songbird of early spring.

oratorio, n. [It. < L. 'place of prayer' < ōrāre, to pray, speak.]

A musical composition.

orbit, n. [L. orbita, wheel-track < orbis, wheel, circle.]

Planetary path around the sun.

orchard (-s), n. [OE ort-geard < OHG *ortôjan, to cultivate.]

  1. Cultivated land; garden for trees; planting area, especially for fruit trees.
  2. Specifically cultivated land for Apple trees.

orchestra, n. [L. < Gk. 'the space on which the chorus danced'.]

A company of musicians.

orchis, n. [L.]

A genus of plant.

ordain (-ed), v. [OFr < L. ordinā-re.]

Destine; appoint; decree; select; designate; specify; set apart.