Dictionary: SEA-BAT – SEA-CIR-CLED

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SEA-BAT, n. [sea and bat.]

A sort of flying fish. – Cotgrave.

SEA-BATH-ED, a. [sea and bathe.]

Bathed, dipped or washed in the sea. – Sandys.

SEA-BEAR, n. [sea and bear.]

An animal of the bear kind that frequents the sea; the white or polar bear; also, the ursine seal.

SEA-BEARD, n. [sea and beard.]

A marine plant, Conferva rupestris. – Lee.

SEA-BEAST, n. [sea and beast.]

A beast or monstrous animal of the sea. – Milton.

SEA-BEAT, or SEA-BEAT-EN, a. [sea and beat.]

Beaten by the sea; lashed by the waves. Along the sea-beat shore. – Pope.


Toward the sea.

SEA-BOARD, or SEA-BORD, n. [sea and Fr. bord, side.]

The sea-shore.

SEA-BOAT, n. [sea and boat.]

A vessel that bears the sea firmly, without laboring or straining her masts and rigging. – Mar. Dict.

SEA-BORD, or SEA-BORD'ER-ING, a. [sea and Fr. bord, border.]

Bordering on the sea or ocean.

SEA-BORN, a. [sea and horn.]

  1. Born of the sea; produced by the sea; as, Neptune and his sea-born niece. – Waller.
  2. Born at sea.

SEA-BOUND, or SEA-BOUND'ED, a. [sea and bound.]

Bounded by the sea.

SEA-BOY, n. [sea and boy.]

A boy employed on ship board.

SEA-BREACH, n. [sea and breach.]

Irruption of the sea by breaking the banks. – L'Estrange.

SEA-BREAM, n. [sea and bream.]

A fish of the Sparus kind. – Dict. Nat. Hist.

SEA-BREEZE, n. [sea and breeze.]

A wind or current of air blowing from the sea upon land; for the most part blowing during the day only, and subsiding at night.

SEA-BUILT, a. [sea and built.]

Built for the sea; as, seabuilt forts, [ships.] – Dryden.

SEA-CAB'BAGE, or SEA-CALE, n. [sea and cabbage.]

Sea-colewort, plant of the genus Crambe. – Encyc. Miller.

SEA-CALF, n. [sea and calf.]

The common seal, a species of Phoca.

SEA-CAP, n. [sea and cap.]

A cap made to be worn at sea. – Shak.

SEA-CARD, n. [sea and card.]

The mariner's card or compass.

SEA-CARP, n. [sea and carp.]

A spotted fish living among rocks and stones. – Johnson.

SEA-CHANGE, n. [sea and change.]

A change wrought by the sea.

SEA-CHART, n. [sea and chart.]

A chart or map on which the lines of the shore, isles, shoals, harbors, &c. are delineated. Note. This word has become useless, as we now use chart for a representation of the sea-coast, and map for a representation of the land.

SEA-CIR-CLED, a. [sea and circle.]

Surrounded by the sea. – Sandys.