Lexicon: nail – narcotic

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nail, n. [OE nœgel, nail.]

  1. Spike; rivet; short pointed metal piece used to secure a shelter, dwelling, or circus tent.
  2. Peg; hook; small piece of metal used for suspending something.
  3. Hanger; [fig.] knob; pommel; [metaphor] plant; branch; tree limb.
  4. Brad; stud; boss; construction item; small pointed piece of metal with a head for pounding with a hammer into timber; [fig.] instrument of crucifixion (see John 20:25); [metaphor] agony; suffering; excruciating pain.

nail (-s), v. [see nail, n.]

  1. Push; press; drive; force; impel; pound; hit with a hammer; [fig.] will; insist; assert.
  2. Shut; close; [fig.] cause to be blind; take the sight from.
  3. Secure; fasten; fix with a pin; [fig.] finish; [metaphor] heal; seam; suture; sew together; close a wound; (see Isaiah 22:23).

naked, adj. [OE.]

  1. Defenseless; unarmed; uncovered; vulnerable to attack; without protection from injury; [fig.] mortal; earthly; subject to death; (see Job 1:21).
  2. Plain; austere; evident; manifest; exposed; undisguised; not hidden; open to view; [fig.] frank; blunt; candid; direct; just; rigorous; severe; stern; strict; straight; unavoidable; painfully honest.
  3. Deprived; having none; not inclosed; without container.
  4. Bare; leafless; stripped of leaves; without foliage.

name (-s), n. [OE.] (webplay: fame, honor, species, star).

  1. Authority; agency; office; representation; honor; sphere of action; power to bless.
  2. Person; personage; [fig.] God; Deity; divine Being.
  3. Moniker; appellation; written identity symbol; letters expressing the set of sounds that one is known by.
  4. Grave inscription.
  5. Toponym; symbol for a place; [fig.] reputation; eminence; distinction; prestige; status.
  6. Memory; image; character; personality; existence; life; specified human being.

name (-d), v. [see name, n.]

  1. Be able to say; be able to explain.
  2. Say; pronounce; evoke; invoke; conjure; call out.
  3. Call; identify; appoint.

nameless, adj. [see name, n.]

  1. Undistinguished; unremarkable; common.
  2. Anonymous; unknown; unidentified; unfamiliar; strange.
  3. Undefined.

nap, n. [OE hnappian.]

Short sleep; brief period of slumber.

Naples, proper n. [Gk Neapolis, new city.]

City in southern Italy; nineteenth-century kingdom southwest of Rome; Italian province, including the island of Sicily; place only a few miles from Vesuvius.

Napoleon, proper n. [L. nea, new + polis, city + leone, lion = 'Naples' lion'.]

Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821); French military commander; European ruler; man who hungered for world power; person who allegedly crowned himself as Emperor of France in 1804; (see ED's letters).

narcotic (-s), n. [Fr.]

Drug; opiate; pharmaceutic; medicine that suppresses pain; [fig.] temporary relief.