Lexicon: necessity – needle

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necessity (nescessity), n. [Fr. < L. necesse, needful, necessary.]

  1. Poverty; want; difficulty; neediness; helplessness; [fig.] lowly status.
  2. Urgency; emergency; crisis.
  3. Expediency; qualification; prerequisite.
  4. Demand; basic instinct; [fig.] hunger pang.
  5. Basic item; essential element; primary component; critical factor.
  6. Need; desire; preference; requirement.

necklace (-s), n. [see neck , n. + lace, n.]

  1. Strand of beads; chain with precious stones worn around the neck.
  2. Decorative collar; shimmering jewelry; glowing adornment; light-catching ornament.

necrology, n. [L.]

Obituary; death record; mortality register; history of deaths; account of persons who have died within a certain time; [fig.] demise; morbidity; temporary passing away.

necromancer, n. [see necromancy, n.]

Medium; magician; conjurer; prestidigitator; sorcerer; spiritualist; wizard; fortuneteller; one who claims to communicate with the dead (see Deuteronomy 18:11); [fig.] prophet; oracle; deity; immortal one; Lord of heaven and earth.

necromancy, n. [L < Gk. 'death, dead bodies, dead tissue'.]

  1. Conjuration; enchantment; incantation; art of communication with the dead; [fig.] poetry; language power; muse of creative writing; [metaphor] sublimity; catharsis; aching beauty.
  2. Illusion; prestidigitation; magic tricks; sleight of hand; casting a spell.

nectar (-s), n. [L. < Gk. νέκταρ, overcoming of death; drink of the gods.]

  1. Victory cup; celebration drink; triumph toast for saluting a supreme accomplishment; [fig.] liquid that conquers death; [metaphor] resurrection; immortality; godly life; life after death.
  2. Dew; attar; ambrosia; source of pollen; gathering of sweet substance; sweet fluid that flowers produce; [fig.] kiss; capacity for pleasure; source of affection; opportunity for love's delights.
  3. Honey; food made from pollen; [fig.] wine; sweet drink; pleasant-tasting fluid; [fig.] intoxicant; inebriant; alcoholic beverage; fermented substance; [metaphor] heavenly messenger; angel of death; [word play on “dead”] mortality; life on earth; [play on the etymology of “nectar”] salvation; eternal life; the plan of the Deathless One; the ironic intervention of He who overcomes death.
  4. Pleasure; delight; sweetness; [fig.] productive interchange; good experience; mutual bliss; romantic encounter; acts of love.

need (-s), n. [Germanic, néd.]

  1. Want; necessity; demand; lack of relief; longing for something.
  2. Insistence; imperative; [fig.] violence; force; tyranny.
  3. Poverty; want for subsistence.

need (-ing, -s), v. [OE níedan.]

  1. Ought; must; be necessary that; [interrogative] why should.
  2. Want; lack; require; demand.

needle, adv. [see needle, n.]

Sharply; crisply; nipping; prickling; tingling; stinging.

needle (-s), n. [OE nœdl; *, to sew.]

  1. Pointed instrument; object used to draw thread through fabric in sewing.
  2. Handiwork tool; implement for embroidery, darning, quilting, or other fancywork.
  3. Sharp; piercing tool; instrument used in engraving, printing, and medical procedures; [fig.] nail; rivet used in crucifixion.
  4. Piece of magnetized steel that indicates cardinal direction in a compass.