Lexicon: noiseless – noon

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noiseless, adj. [see noise, n.]

Voiceless; inaudible; silent; speechless; making no sound.

noisy, adj. [see noise, n.]

  1. Talkative; making many loud sounds; [fig.] active; busy.
  2. Unquiet; [fig.] nervous; shaking; trembling; restless; uneasy; agitated.

nominated, verbal adj. [L. 'to name'.]

Named; designated; chosen; selected; called by name; [metaphor] present for a vote in an election; suggest the name of a person as a candidate for civic office; [Congregational Church] read the name of a potential member aloud in a church meeting; consider someone as a candidate to participate formally in a religious group.

nomination, n. [see nominate, v.]

Naming; designation; appellation; verbal definition; [political] election procedures; the process of voting; [metaphor] artistic craft; poetic technique; [fig.] mere reason; appointment by intellect alone; assignment by human logic.

nonchalance, n. [see nonchalant, adj.]

Indifference; imperturbability; [fig.] coolness; chill.

nonchalant, adj. [Fr. < L. non, not + chaloir, warm.]

Indifferent; disinterested; unmoved; [fig.] cool; chilly; stiff; not active; still partially frozen; not yet subject to spring growth.

none, adj. [see none, pron.]

No; not any.

none, pron. [OE nán, not one.] (webplay: all, any, least, no, not, nothing, one, other, part).

  1. Nothing; not any such thing; [ellipsis of something previously mentioned.]
  2. Ordinary; of no significance.
  3. Nonexistent; deficient; insufficient; lacking; missing; wanting.
  4. Nothing.
  5. No one; no person; not anybody; not any one of a group.
  6. Phrase. “None of”: not at all; not in the least.
  7. Phrase. “None but”: only; just; none other than.

nook (-s), n. [Of obscure origin.]

  1. Spot; corner; cranny; crevice; little place; secluded space; narrow opening in the ground.
  2. Glade; grove; glen; dell.

noon, adv. [see noon, n.]

Phrase. “all Noon”: the whole day; [word play] totally golden.