Lexicon: nought – numb

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nought, pron. [OE nówiht, no + wiht, creature, being, thing; no thing.]

  1. Not a word.
  2. Nothing; emptiness; [fig.] bleakness; desolation; loneliness.
  3. Not anything of worth; such an insignificant thing as.
  4. Invisible entity; [fig.] air; seemingly empty space.
  5. No one; no subjects; no territory.
  6. Not one thing.

novel, adj. [OFr < L. nov-um, new.]

  1. New; untried; previously unknown.
  2. Unique; singular.

novel, n. [OFr; see novel, adj.]

Story; diary; journal; biography; life history; record of days; book of remembrance.

November, proper n. [L. < novem, 'nine,' formerly ninth month in Roman calendar.]

Eleventh month of the year; [fig] winter; cold weather; windy season.

now (-s), adv. [OE .]


nowhere, adv. [ME nōhwer.]

  1. Not anywhere.
  2. To no place.
  3. Remote, inaccessible place.

null, adj. [OFr; L. nullus, ne, not + ullus, any.]

Void; invalid.

null (-s), v. [see null, adj.]

Reduce to nothing.

nullify (nullified), v. [L. nullificāre; see null, adj.]

  1. Disarm; undermine; make harmless; [fig.] illuminate; take the dark from.
  2. Void; discredit; render invalid; make to seem empty; cause to be of less interest.

numb, adj. [Common Germanic, nem- to deal out, distribute, hold, possess, occupy.]

  1. Dull; insensate; unfeeling.
  2. Mute; speechless.
  3. Expressionless.
  4. Not remembered; [fig.] dead.