Lexicon: neigh – nest

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neigh (-ing, -s), v. [OE hnœgan.]

  1. Click; clack; cluck; tick; rattle; [fig.] strike the hours; sound the minutes.
  2. Whinny; utter sounds like the voice of a horse; [fig.] shriek; hiss; squeal; [metaphor] brake with a screeching sound.
  3. Nag; demand incessantly; call insistently.

neighbor (-s, -'s), n. [OE néahgebúr, near dweller; see near, adj. and bower, n.]

  1. Fellow-creature; one living nearby.
  2. Friend; close acquaintance; person whose lives close to another.

neighborhood (-s), n. [see neighbor, n. + hood, n.]

  1. Assembly; gathering; congregation; community; concourse; order; group of people living near each other.
  2. Vicinity; small populated area.
  3. Familiar part of town; place where people live; [fig.] mortality; life on earth.

neighboring, adj. [see neighbor, n.]

  1. Next; succeeding; following; after this.
  2. Contiguous; adjacent; [fig.] other world; next life.
  3. Close; near; [fig.] commonplace; everyday; familiar; ordinary; uncelebrated; not noticed; taken for granted.
  4. Handy; convenient; reachable; nearby; close at hand.

neighborly, adj. [see neighbor, n.]

Cordial; amiable; kind; friendly; [fig.] present; nearby; close at hand; in the vicinity.

nerve (-s), n. [L. nerv-us, sinew, tendon, bow-string.] (webplay: brain, motion, sense, strength).

  1. Sensory organs; brain fibers throughout the body.
  2. Agony; painful sensations.
  3. Strength; force; authority.
  4. Sinew; tendon.
  5. Bundle of sensations; fibers that convey impulses between the brain and the rest of the body; [fig.] capacity for feeling.
  6. Fortitude; courage; firmness of mind.

nervous, adj. [L. 'sinewy, vigorous'; see nerve, n.]

Tremulous; quivering; flickering; wavering; anxious.

nescessary, adj. [ED's variant spelling of “necessary”; L. 'needful'.]

Indispensable; requisite; essential; needful.

nescessity, n. [ED's variant spelling of “necessity”; Fr. < L. 'needful'.]

Need; requirement.

nest (-s), n. [OE, ni-, down, sed-, to sit.]

  1. Brooding place; circular sanctuary woven of twigs, threads, roots, etc.
  2. Abode; place of residence.
  3. Bird's home; bed used by a bird for incubation.