Lexicon: new-mailed – nice

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new-mailed, verbal adj. [see new, adj. + mail, n.]

Suddenly shielded; now protected with plates of armor; recently girded with metal rings; presently covered with a coat of mail; [sound play] new-nailed; reminiscent of the nails that pierced the nerves in Christ's outstretched hands; [word play] sent off recently; dispatched a short time ago; [fig.] fired; sparked; activated; triggered; set off.

newness, n. [see new, adj.]

Novelty; unfamiliarity; strangeness; foreignness; recent change.

news, n. [OFr noveles or < L. novum, a new thing.]

  1. Tidings; fresh information; [fig.] messenger; courier; person who delivers the early morning newspaper to homes.
  2. Report; word; intelligence.
  3. Proclamation; declaration; announcement.
  4. Journal; chronicle; diary; personal record.
  5. Forecast; prediction.
  6. Sign; evidence.
  7. Story; narrative; tale; description of current events; account of recent happenings; [fig.] noise of bird song; [metaphor] omen; prophecy; prognostication.
  8. Topic; important matter; substantial thing; public affair; subject of conversation.
  9. Gossip; gab; chitchat; small talk.
  10. Gospel; glad tidings; message of Christian hope for eternal life in heaven.
  11. Prognosis; medical diagnosis.
  12. Phrase. “Good News”: glad tidings; [fig.] gospel; Christian doctrine of redemption for the dead; (see Proverbs 25:25).

news-boy (-s), n. [see news, n. + boy, n.]

Delivery boy; paper boy; young male who brings the local newspaper to the homes of neighbors.

next, adj. [OE.]

  1. Approximating; approaching; near to; close to; in the presence of.
  2. Subsequent; the following.

next, adv. [see next, adj.]

  1. Once again; in the near future.
  2. Then; anon; subsequently; after that.
  3. Slightly less; almost as.

next, n. [see next, adj.]

Subsequent step; succeeding movement; [fig.] action coming immediately after this one.

next, prep. [see next, adj.]

  1. By; beside; close to; to the side of.
  2. Phrase. “Next to”: near; beside; along with; adjacent to; close to the place of.

nibble (-s), v. [Du. knabbeln, to bite, gnaw.]

  1. Dine; sample food; eat bit by bit.
  2. Chew lightly; bite in small pieces; [fig.] gnaw; fret; fray; chafe; erode; eat at; wear away.

nice, adj. [OFr < L. nescīre, to be ignorant, ne, not + scīre to know.]

Sweet; tasty; savory; pleasant to the taste.