Lexicon: nosegay – notelessly

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nosegay (-s), n. [see nose , n. + gay, adj.]

  1. Bouquet; posy; fascicle; bundle of sweet-smelling flowers tied with a ribbon; [fig.] chapbook; packet of poems; gathering of verses.
  2. Garland; funeral flowers; blossoms growing at a grave; floral adornment for a grave site.

not, adv. [OE nówiht; see nought, pron.]

  1. [Following an auxiliary verb and negating the non-finite main verb.]
  2. [Negating a proposition; used for litotes or antithesis.] Un-.
  3. [Negating a finite lexical verb.]
  4. [Following a conjunction and negating an infinitive verb in a dependent clause.]
  5. [Following a main verb as part of a tag question.]
  6. [Following a linking verb and negating its noun subjective complement.]
  7. [Modifying a preposed adverbial prepositional phrase.]
  8. [Following a main imperative verb in a negative command.]
  9. Phrase. “not a”: no; none.
  10. Phrase. “not admitting”: denial; refusal to admit.
  11. Phrase. “Not even a … ”: nothing, including a.
  12. Phrase. “Not … but”: instead of.

notability, n. [OFr < L. notāre, to note.]

Fame; renown; celebrity; attention; public acknowledgment; recognition of worth by others; [fig.] elegance; fancy appearance that attracts attention.

notch, n. [Anglo-Norman noche, hole in an object.]

Trough; furrow; channel; groove; hollow space; [fig.] eye of a storm.

notch (-ed, -ing), v. [see notch, n.]

  1. Record; [fig.] observe intently; notice moment by moment; [metaphor] move in rhythmic motion with.
  2. Mark; gloss; [word play on “note”] annotate; make a note about.
  3. Impress indelibly; cut permanently.

note (-s), n. [ON neyta; OE néotan, to enjoy.]

  1. Musical tone; [fig.] chirp; cheep.
  2. Message; letter; missive; epistle; [fig.] prayer; [metaphor] poem; verse.
  3. Notice; bulletin; flier; circular.
  4. Sound; noise; melodious tone; [fig.] song; chant; [metaphor] birdsong.
  5. Tune; air; [word play] fame; reputation; distinction.

note (-s), v. [OE notian.]

  1. Write; jot; record; trace; mark; [phrase “note … down”] transcribe; describe; depict.
  2. Notice; attend to; take heed of.
  3. Hear; perceive; feel; sense.
  4. See; view; observe.
  5. Measure; ascertain; assess; check; review.

noted, verbal adj. [see note, n.]

Famous; prestigious; celebrated; renowned; well-known; of good reputation.

noteless, adv. [see note, n.]

  1. Undistinguished; inconspicuously; not noticed; [fig.] forgotten.
  2. Anonymously; [fig.] quietly; silently; [adjectival] obscure; unknown; insignificant; [word play on “note”] wordlessly; not remembered; without leaving any poetic record.

notelessly, adv. [see note, n.]

Inconspicuously; unobserved; not noticed; not attracting attention.