Lexicon: needless – Negro

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needless, adj. [see need, n.]

Unnecessary; undesirable; not wanted; no reason.

needy, adj. [see need, n.]

Indigent; very poor.

ne'er, adv. [contracted form; see never, adv.]

negative, adj. [Fr. < L. negāre, to deny.]

Absent; withdrawn; missing in action; [fig.] dormant; inert; static.

negative, n. [Fr.]

Restraint; cessation; surcease; veto; nay-saying; [fig.] passing on; taking of life.

neglect (-ing), v. [L. neg 'not' + legěre 'to pick up'.]

Disregard; omit; discard; bypass; leave unnoticed.

neglected, verbal adj. [see neglect, v.]

Forgotten; ignored; overlooked; disregarded; [fig.] not welcome; regarded with suspicion.

negotiate, v. [L. neg 'not' + ōtium 'ease', quiet.]

Intervene; mediate; compromise; communicate; conduct business; arrange by mutual agreement.

negotiation, n. [see negotiate, v.]

Business discussion; conversation about payment of debt.

Negro, n. [Sp. < L. 'black'.]

Dark-skinned person; man from southeast Asia; someone with high melanin skin pigmentation; [fig.] dusk; nightfall; sunset time; darkness of evening in the western sky; [metaphor] pearl diver (see Browning's “Paracelsus”).