Lexicon: narrate – naughty

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narrate (-s), v. [L. 'to relate, recount'.]

Tell; report; give an account of; relate the particulars of.

narrow, adj. [OE nearu, unpleasant, dismal, sad, distressed.]

  1. Strait; constricted; [fig.] rigorous; demanding; strenuous; hard to pass through.
  2. Squinting; partially closed; [fig.] critical; prejudiced; scrutinizing; lacking sympathy.
  3. Thin; sparse.
  4. Small; limited; of little extent; [fig.] modest; mortal.
  5. Scanty; meager; not generous.
  6. Near; within a small distance.
  7. Pinched; constraining.

narrow, adv. [see narrow, adj.]

Cautiously; distrustfully; inspecting; with scrutiny.

narrow (-ing), v. [OE nearwian, to compress, constrain, afflict.]

Press close; become nearer.

narrowly, adv. [see narrow, adj.]

Closely; sparingly; without much extent.

nation (-s), n. [Fr. < L. 'breed, stock, race'.]

  1. Principalities; empires; countries of the world; people throughout the history of the earth.
  2. Government; state; commonwealth.
  3. Generation; population; body of people.
  4. Community; collection; multitude; [fig.] congregation; [metaphor] group of insects.
  5. Domain; dominion; kingdom; [fig.] empowerment.
  6. Species; group of creatures.

native, adj. [Fr. < L. 'produced by birth, innate, natural'.]

  1. Natural; innate; [fig.] mortal; temporal; earthly.
  2. Original; prototypic; archetypal; previous; earlier.
  3. Customary; familiar.
  4. Common; ordinary.
  5. Phrase. “native town”: birthplace; hometown; place of origin.
  6. Phrase. “Native Land”: homeland; [fig.] Zion; heaven; gathering of the Lord's lost sheep.

natural, adj. [see nature, n.]

Predictable; regular; normal; to be expected; in accordance with the laws of the universe.

nature (-s, -'s), n. [Fr. < L. 'birth, constitution, character, course of things'.]

  1. World; earthly law; order of the universe.
  2. Self; psyche; being.
  3. Habit; inherent characteristic; normal trait; typical way of being.
  4. Essence; substance; constitution; makeup.
  5. Person; character; creature; entity; mortal; someone; soul; individual; human being.
  6. Deity; the Creator; the Supreme Being.
  7. Reality; cosmos; [definition poem by ED] vision, paradise, sound, concord, and consciousness.
  8. Providence; the earth with its beauty and sustenance.
  9. Dasein; physics; eternal matter; law of the material dimension.
  10. Creation; the earth; the non-human aspects of the planet, such as plants, animals, weather, and so forth; [personification] the goddess who rules the seasons.
  11. Existence; the ambiance; the air; the atmosphere.
  12. Disposition; character; personality.
  13. Physical law.
  14. Phrase. “Human Nature”: fallibility; frailty; weakness; infirmity; personal folly.
  15. Phrase. “Human Nature”: mortality; company of others; the society of living people.

naughty, adj. [OE nówiht, nothing.]

Disobedient; misbehaved; mischievous as a child.