Lexicon: navigation – Nebo

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navigation, n. [Fr. < L. 'to sail'.]

  1. Journey; migration; exploration; flight through air.
  2. Piloting; sailing; gradual descent; systematic movement.

navy (navies), n. [OFr < L. 'ship'.]

  1. Company of sailors; group of mariners; [fig.] flock; troop.
  2. Boat; ship; galleon; water-born vessel.
  3. Fleet of vessels; ships of war belonging to a country; [fig.] sunset; dark-blue dusk.

nay, adv. [ON, ne + ei, not ever.]

  1. Assuredly; certainly; beyond doubt.
  2. Not only this; in other words; [suggesting that something is to be added by way of amplification.]
  3. No; absolutely not; I deny; I refuse; [expressing negation.]
  4. More precisely; [emphatic statement than the one first made.]

Nazarene, proper n. [Gk Naz┼Źraios, inhabitant of Nazareth < Heb. nzr, separate, prince.] (webplay: Christianity).

Christ; Messiah; Savior; Redeemer; one from Nazareth; [fig.] sufferer; atoning one; (see Matthew 2:23).

Nazareth, proper n. [see Nazarene, proper n.; possibly < Hebrew netzer, consecrated prince, untrimmed shoot, flourishing branch; see Isaiah 11:1.] (webplay: Christianity).

City in Northern Israel; place where Jesus was raised; agricultural village between the Jezreel Valley and the mountainous regions of Galilee; (see Matthew 2:23 and ED letters).

near (-er, -est), adj. [see near, adv.]

  1. Close; not far in distance.
  2. Immediate; significant; essential; important; [fig.] dear to the heart.
  3. Nigh; close in family relation.
  4. Next; subsequent.
  5. Recent; close in time.
  6. Next door; [fig.] intimate; emotionally close; similar in spirit.

near (-er), adv. [OE.]

  1. Close in space.
  2. Almost; just about.
  3. Close in time.
  4. Close in distance.
  5. Present; around; in proximity; close in presence.
  6. Close in amount.
  7. Intense; extreme.
  8. Real; actual; soon to happen.
  9. Loud; close in sound; high in volume.
  10. Familiar; close by; [fig.] well-known.
  11. Full; complete; perfect; better.
  12. Phrase. “As near as”: like; similar to; as much as.

nearly, adv. [see near, adv.]

Almost; nigh; close to; just about.

nearness, n. [see near, adv.]

  1. Reality; immediacy; inevitability; inescapable potential for happening.
  2. Closeness; proximity; communion; remembrance.
  3. Likeness; similarity; approximation; equivalent.

Nebo, proper n. [Nabu, speaker, announcer, prophet, Mesopotamian god of wisdom and agriculture, patron of scribes and schools).]

Mountain in Israel; peak within sight of Jerusalem; high place that overlooks the promised land (see Deuteronomy 34:1).