Lexicon: nothing – nought

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nothing, adv. [see nothing, pron.]

  1. Not; not anything.
  2. Phrase. “Nothing but”: only; just; simply; insignificantly; limited to.

nothing, pron. [see no, adj. + thing, n.]

  1. Not any creature.
  2. Nil; naught; a trifle; not something to consider; a thing of no consequence.
  3. Nought; not any thing.
  4. A hover; a standstill; a holding pattern; a period without movement.
  5. Unimportant matter; insignificant item; topic of no value.
  6. No other thing.
  7. Very small movement.

notice (-ing), n. [Fr. < L. nōtus, known.]

  1. Message; report.
  2. Attention; admiration; appreciation; visibility; note of acknowledgment; [fig.] fame; renown.
  3. Warning; notification; counsel; direction; information; advice.
  4. Summons; citation.
  5. Statement of the intent to leave; written declaration of a plan to depart.
  6. Announcement; signal; indication of being present; [fig.] alert; alarm.
  7. Word; official statement.
  8. Omniscience; observation.
  9. Change; [fig.] call to new life; awakening of the senses.

notice (-ed, -s), v. [see notice, n.]

  1. Detect; discover.
  2. Heed; pay attention to; treat as worthy of regard.
  3. Realize; perceive; feel with the physical senses.
  4. Regard; consider; discern; view; supervise; look down at.
  5. Acknowledge; recognize.
  6. Understand; interpret; communicate with.
  7. React; respond; [fig.] answer; reply.
  8. Observe; see.

notify (notified), n. [Fr. < L. nōtus, known.]

Inform; declare to; announce to; make known to.

notoriety, n. [Fr. < L. nōtus, known.]

  1. Exposure; state of being discovered.
  2. Publicity; self-promotion.

notwithstanding, conj. [see notwithstanding, prep.]

  1. Nevertheless; however; still; yet; of course; without opposition; all the same; to be sure; in spite of circumstances.
  2. Though; although; even if; despite the fact that.

notwithstanding, prep. [see not, adv. + withstand, v.]

  1. Despite; even though.
  2. In spite of.

nought, adj. [see nought, pron.]

  1. Unknown; obscure; insignificant.
  2. Empty; vacuous; [fig.] carefree; without concern; lacking worry; [metaphor] dead.
  3. Nothing; useless; worthless; of no value.
  4. Meaningless.

nought, adv. [see nought, pron.]

  1. Nothing in comparison; to say the least; of no great importance; [possibly a subordinate conjunction] yet; if; considering.
  2. Phrase. “Not but”: just; only; not anything else except.