Lexicon: nestle – newly

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nestle (-ed), v. [OE nestlian.]

Permeate; penetrate; lie snugly; sink into; settle down in.

neutralize (-d), v. [Fr. 'neither' ne, not + uter, either (of two).]

Nullify; annul; void; make irrelevant; remain unaffected by; reduce to a state of insignificance.

never (ne'er), adv. [OE ne, not + Ĺ“fre, ever; see not, adv. and ever, adv.]

  1. Did not ever; do not at any time.
  2. Not ever; at no time.
  3. Phrase. “Never mind”: do not regard; not to mention.

nevermore, adv. [see never, adv. + more, adj.]

Not again; no longer; at no future time.

new (-er, -est), adj. [OE.]

  1. Another; resurgent; resumed; recovered; restored; replacing; produced by change; [fig.] revitalized; glorified; heavenly; (see Revelation 14:3).
  2. Different; changed; transformed; [fig.] restored; resurrected.
  3. Subsequent; following; succeeding; recurring; replacing a prior.
  4. Novice; untested; untried; unseasoned; having little practice; in learning mode.
  5. Not previously used; never worn before.
  6. Novel; unique; strange; uncommon.
  7. Modern; not ancient; [fig.] foreign; alien; international, not native; unusually accented.
  8. Innovative; original; recently discovered.
  9. Transformed; transfigured.
  10. Fresh; refreshed; [fig.] perennial; everlasting; ageless; timeless; eternal; born again; (see 2 Corinthians 5:17).
  11. Redeemed; [fig.] vindicated; proved true.
  12. Shocking; unexpected; surprising.
  13. Stylish; trendy; in vogue; a la mode.
  14. Young; innocent; untouched; inexperienced; child-like.
  15. Redeeming; transforming; perfecting; making whole; [fig.] purifying; sanctifying; saving; consecrating; consummating; beatifying; [metaphor] radiant; glowing; glorious; resplendent; beautified; blessed; (see Revelation 2:21).
  16. Recent; in the present time; not only confined to one the past time.
  17. More advanced; higher in spiritual development; (see Revelation 2:17).
  18. Undiscovered; not yet explored; not ever traveled by anyone before; [fig.] not previously experienced by anyone.
  19. Other; alternative.
  20. Primordial; prototypic; early in time.
  21. Varying; departing from the norm.
  22. Phrase. “New Life”: rebirth; resurrection; other world; spirit dimension.
  23. Phrase. “New Liquor”: non-alcoholic wine; fresh fruit juice; delicious drink distilled without fermentation; [fig.] elation; euphoria; high spirits; intoxicating happiness (see Zechariah 9:17).
  24. Phrase. “New England / New Englandly”: [see New England, proper n. and New Englandly, adv.]

new (-er), adv. [see new, adj.]

  1. Again; once more; another time.
  2. Recently; lately; not long ago in time.
  3. More brightly.

New England, proper adj. [OE Englaland, land of the Angles < OHG angul, angle, hook; see new, adj. and New Englandly, adv.] (webplay: descendants, people).

Colonies formerly owned by Britain; region named after England; northeastern part of the United States; area that includes Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island; highly-religious region; place known for industrious, frugal, and practical farmers; [fig.] home; mortality; (see ED letters).

New Englandly, adv. [see New England, proper n.] (webplay: Britain).

Natively; with an ethnocentric attitude; like a North American; as a resident of Massachusetts; from the viewpoint of my birthplace; [fig.] hopefully; optimistically; positively; with faith; [metaphor] eternally.

new-fashioned (new fashioned), adj. [see new, adj. + fashion, v.]

  1. Different; newfangled; modern; existing only a short time; [fig.] strange; unknown; unfamiliar.
  2. Refreshed; restored; renovated; transformed; recently created; [fig.] springtime.

newly, adv. [see new, adj.]

Lately; recently; just now; only just; not long ago; a short while ago.