Lexicon: nine – noise

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nine, adj. [OE nigon.]

One more than eight; one less than ten; three times three; as a numeral, 9.

no, adj. [OE; see none, pron.]

  1. Not any.
  2. Zero; not a; not one.
  3. Phrase. “No end”: endlessly; ceaselessly.

no, adv. [see no, adj.]

Nay; not; [negating the verb in a stated or implied question clause.]

Noah, proper n. [Heb. 'rest, repose, quiet, home'.]

Old Testament patriarch; Biblical leader who warned wicked people of the great flood; man who built an ark to save his family and landed on Mount Ararat after the flood subsided; [fig.] a prophet; one who foretells the future accurately; (see Genesis 5-10; see ED's letters).

noble, adj. [Fr. < L. (g)nō-, to know.]

  1. Noteworthy; celebrated; commemorative.
  2. Great; dignified; distinguished; remarkable.

nobleness, n. [see noble, n.]

Greatness; nobility; grandeur; dignity; self-respect; honor.

nobody, pron. [see no, adj. + body, n.]

  1. No one.
  2. None other; not anybody else; not any others.
  3. A cipher; a nonentity; a commoner; no one important; an unknown person; an ordinary person; not anyone famous; [fig.] a stranger; an alien; (see Charles Mackay's 1858 “Little Nobody” poem).
  4. Not one person.

nod (-s), n. [see nod, v.]

Head gesture; slight movement of the head downward and back up; [fig.] affirmation; polite acknowledgment of another person.

nod (-s, nodding), v. [Probably MHG notten, to move about, shake'.]

  1. Gesture; incline the head; make a quick slight motion; [fig.] signal an affirmation.
  2. Sway; decline; move back and forth.
  3. Bob; float like a cork; move up and down.

noise, n. [Fr.]

  1. Bustle; din; audible activity.
  2. Signal; alarm; [fig.] daylight; radiant energy; [metaphor] morning song; sounds of nature at dawn.
  3. Clamor; commotion; [fig.] acclamation; applause.
  4. Hum; buzz of life; sound of living things.
  5. Crash; sound effect; audible manifestation.
  6. Talk; speech; chatter; [fig.] clatter; racket; ruckus.
  7. Thunder; boom; roar; rushing sound of the winds.
  8. Melody; music; strain; tune; song; sound of creatures in nature.