Lexicon: gift – gipsy

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gift (-s), n. [OE.]

  1. Present; thing bestowed gratuitously or without expectation of compensation.
  2. Product.
  3. Payment.
  4. Attributes; benefits; qualities.

gifted, verbal adj. [see gift, n.]

Able; capable; blessed; empowered by God; endowed with an ability.

gig, n. [L. gigno.]

One-horse carriage; conveyance with one pair of wheels.

gigantic, adj. [L.]

Enormous; very great; of extraordinary size.

giggle (-ing), v. [OE.]

Laugh; joke.

gild (gilt), v. [see gilded, verbal adj.]

Cover in gold leaf; decorate with thin layers of gold metal; [fig.] adorn; beautify; embellish; grace; mark as symbolic.

gilded, verbal adj. [OE.]

Illuminated; overlaid with gold leaf.

gilt, adj. [see gilded, verbal adj.]

Yellow; golden.

gimblet (-s), n. [variant of gimlet < OFr.]

Tool for making holes; kind of boring tool; [fig.] jabbing pain; searing grief; jolting sensation of anguish.

gipsy (gipsey), adj. [Egyptian.]

Deceptive; cunning; wild.