Lexicon: glee – globule

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glee (-'s), n. [OE gliw, gleo; NW says: glie, from glig, gligg, sport, music.]

  1. Joy; exuberance; excitement; celebration; feeling of gladness; happy state of mind; [fig.] carol; singing and dancing.
  2. Song; hymn; joyful music; psalm of praise; melody and harmony.
  3. Zephyr; glissando; sweet sounds of nature carried on the wind.
  4. Vitality; life force; joy of living; pleasure or being alive.
  5. Concert; recital; operetta; musical theater; skit that includes songs.

glid, v. [see glide, v.]

glide (glid), v. [OE.] (webplay: along, passed, through, valleys).

Move silently; travel smoothly upon a surface.

glimmer (-ing, -s), v. [see glimmering, verbal adj.]

  1. Glint; shine faintly.
  2. Glow; shed particles of light.
  3. Shimmer; glisten; [fig.] appear insubstantial; [possibly a noun] gleam; glint.

glimmering, verbal adj. [OE glimorian.]

Glittering; faintly shining; [fig.] starry; supernal; heavenly.

glistening, verbal adj. [OE glisnian.]

Shining; emitting rays of light.

glittering, verbal adv. [ME gliteren < ON glitra.] (webplay: shining).

Brightly; dazzlingly; brilliantly; sparking with light [fig.] archly; sharply; smartly; curtly.

gloat, v. [ON glotta, to grin.]

Boast; take pride; regard with intense satisfaction.

globe, n. [Fr.]

  1. Earth; sphere.
  2. World; model of the planet; round metal ball with an outline of the seas and continents; [fig.] human understanding.
  3. Phrase. “Globe rose”: type of flower.

globule (-s), n. [Fr.]

Small ball; spherical particle; [fig.] drop of coagulated blood; [metaphor] clump of fallen red leaves.