Lexicon: got – gradually

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got, v. [see get, v.]

gotten, v. [see get, v.]

gourmand, n. [Fr.]

Glutton; over-eater.

government, n. [OFr.]

Direction; regulation.

gown (-s), n. [OFr goune.] (webplay: arts, down, dress, hangs, made, men, nearly, peace, Persian, woman's, wore, worn).

  1. Covering worn by nature.
  2. Loose upper garment; robe.
  3. Animal skin, coat.
  4. Grass; earth.

grace, n. [Fr. < L.] (webplay: adorns, beauty, delighted, duke, God, heart, heavenly, love, prayer).

  1. Attractive or pleasing quality; appropriate, agreeable charm.
  2. Goodwill; kindness; virtuous or religious disposition to oblige another.
  3. Beauty; embellishment.
  4. Favor conferred.
  5. Credit; honor.
  6. Free and unmerited favor of God.
  7. Reconciliation to God.
  8. Eternal life; salvation.
  9. Application of Christ's righteousness to the sinner.
  10. Share of favor allotted to one by Providence or fortune; appointed fate; lot.
  11. Permission to do something; leave.
  12. Privilege.
  13. Ranking royalty or clergy.
  14. Customary prayer; request for blessing or giving thanks; short prayers before (or after) meals.

gracious, adj. [OFr.]

  1. Acceptable; favored; kind; friendly; favorable.
  2. Excellent; courteous; civil; mannerly; [fig.] natural; [ED deleted the phrase “How gracious” in her draft of the poem].
  3. Benevolent; merciful; [fig.] adequate; ample; sufficient; passable; plenteous; prosperous.
  4. Divine.

graciously, adv. [see gracious, adj.]

Kindly; favorably; in a friendly manner.

gradual, adj. [med. L.]

Slow; timely.

gradually, adv. [see gradual, adj.]

Slowly; by degrees.