Lexicon: gloom – glutton

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gloom, n. [ME gloum(b)e, to be savage.]

Darkness; obscurity; melancholy air.

gloria, n. [L.; see sic, adv.] (webplay: fathers, friends, hath, hero, honor, honorable, moon, Peter, shalt, thou).

Phrase. “Sic transit gloria mundi”: thus passes the world's glory.

glorify (glorified), v. [Fr. glorifier.]

Exalt; transform to celestial happiness.

glory (glories, -'s), n. [OFr.]

  1. Heaven; paradise; celestial bliss.
  2. Godliness; grace; righteousness; divinity; spiritual blessing; approval of God; commendation of the Lord; fulness of light and truth.
  3. Brilliance; splendor; blaze of sunlight; magnificence of a summer day.
  4. Brightness; luster; radiance; refulgence; ability to shine; power to radiate light and warmth.
  5. Phrase. “Morning Glory”: flowering plant with blossoms that bloom for only one day but are replaced with new blooms the next day; [fig.] new life; the resplendence of the resurrection.

gloss, n. [Dutch gloos, glowing.]

Light; sunshine; brightness; luster.

glove (-s), n. [OE.]

  1. Hand; [fig.] skin; protective covering on nerve fibers.
  2. Mitt; insulated shield; protective covering for the hand.
  3. Hand-shaped form.
  4. Cover; accessory; article of accouterment; [fig.] handiwork.

glow (-s), n. [see glow, v.] (webplay: burn, day, stars, white).

  1. Degree of sunlight.
  2. Beacon; guiding light.
  3. Brightness; quantity of light.
  4. Dawn; sunrise; ray of light.
  5. Warmth; radiance; energy; life force.
  6. Phrase. “Glow Worm”: firefly; lampyrid; lightning bug; male coleopterous; winged insect that emits light from its abdomen; flying worm that radiates a phosphorescent pulse of light; [fig.] falling star; meteor flash.

glow (-ed, -ing, -s), v. [OE glowan.] (webplay: bright, coal, day, fire, gown, heart, red, shining).

  1. Enlighten; illuminate; radiate light and warmth; [fig.] smile.
  2. Burn; beam.
  3. Shine; gleam; reflect colored light.
  4. Emblazon; be bright with color.
  5. Live; give forth heat of life.

glowing, n. [see glow, v.]

Dusk; twilight; nightfall; evening light; sunset radiance; [fig.] body energy; residual warmth of a person immediately after death.

glutton, n. [OFr.] (webplay: table).

Over-eater; gourmand; consumer of food; one who eats in excess; [fig.] hungry being; starving one.