Lexicon: grieve – groove

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grieve (-ed), v. [see grief, n.]

Suffer; mourn; feel sorrow; experience pain.

grieved, verbal n. [see grieve, v. and grief, n.]

People who are pained; ones who are afflicted.

grim, adj. [OE.]

Fierce; impressing terror; ugly; ill-looking.

grimace, n. [Fr.]

Distortion of countenance, from habit, affection, or insolence.

grime (-d), v. [mod. Flemish grijmen, to blacken.]

Sully; soil deeply; dirty.

grin, n. [OE.]

Smile involving the act of closing the teeth together and withdrawing the lips.

grin (-ning), v. [Fr.]

Smiling by closing the teeth together and withdrawing the lips

grisly, adj. [Fr.]

Frightful; horrible; terrible.

groom, n. [OE grom, boy, male child.]

Abbreviation for bridegroom, specifically referring to Christ and his relationship to His church.

groove, n. [mod. Du. groeve.]

  1. Shaft; horizontal burrow dug into the earth.
  2. Channel; carved slot; [fig.] typical state of mind; usual train of thought; normal track of cognition.