Lexicon: grain – grant

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grain (-s), n. [Sp. grano.]

  1. Single hard seed of a plant.
  2. Any small hard mass.

grand (-er), adj. [Fr.]

  1. Great; splendid; magnificent.
  2. Illustrious; dignified.
  3. Noble; lofty.

grandame (-'s), n. [AF graund dame.]

Grandmother; old woman.

grandfather, n. [see grand, adj. + father, n.]

Father of one's father or mother.

grandmama, n. [see grand, adj. + mother, n.]

Mother of one's father or mother.

grandsire (-s), n. [see grand, adj. + sire, n.]

Grandfather; ancestor.

granite, adj. [Fr. granito, grained.]

  1. Rock.
  2. Stone-like; [fig.] dead; silenced.
  3. Marble; motionless mineral.
  4. Heavy; burdensome; weighty; ponderous; [fig.] cold and hard.

granitic, adj. [see granite, adj.]

Rocklike; stony; of the nature of granite; [fig.] hard; unimpressionable; unyielding.

grant (-ed), conj. [see grant, v.]

If; assuming; presuming; if it so be that.

grant, n. [see grant, v.]

  1. Wish; will; volition; power; ability.
  2. Endowment; gift; blessing; boon; present; bestowal; award that does not require compensation.
  3. Fulfilment; realization; fruition; obtaining; having; receiving; possession; ownership.