Lexicon: goodbye – gossip

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goodbye (good-by, good-bye, good bye), interj. [contraction of the phrase “God be with you”.]

  1. Farewell; so long; [expression of parting].
  2. Ending; finish; [fig.] death.

goodbye, n. [see goodbye, interj.]

Farewell; leave-taking; saying “God be with you until we meet again” at one's departure; [fig.] death; passing away; transition into the other world.

goodmorrow, interj. [Used in the phrase “God give you good morrow”; now archaic.]

Farewell; [fig.] referring to death.

goodnight (good night), interj. [OE god.]

Sleep well; have a good night's rest; [fig.] go safely to the next life.

good night, n. [see goodnight, interj.]

Farewell; statement of good wishes for departure.

goods, n. [see good, adj.]

  1. Products; commodities; merchandise; worldly possessions; [fig.] groceries; sustenance; food sources.
  2. Dealings; customs; natural processes; [word play on good, adj.]: blessings; virtues; good deeds; moral works.

gore (-ed), v. [Fr.]

Wound; puncture.

gorse, n. [OE.]

Thick prickly shrub bearing yellow flowers.

gossamer, n. [ME 'goose' + 'summer'.] (webplay: fields).

  1. Down; feather.
  2. Chiffon; material.

gossip (-ed, -ped), v. [OE godsibb < 'god' + 'related'.]

  1. Run from place to place; speak; communicate.
  2. Chat; talk much.