Lexicon: gratitude – great

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gratitude (-'s), n. [L. gratus, pleasing.]

Thankfulness; emotion of the heart excited by a benefit or favor received.

grave, adj. [Fr. 'heavy, important'.]

Serious; solemn; [word play] dead; physically disembodied.

grave (-s, -'s), n. [OE graef.] (webplay: climates, cut, dead, entomb, foreign, high, human, light, low, make, man, place, rolling, sepulcher, slow, soldiers, solemn, sound, stone, tomb, trench, two, write, years, youth).

Burial vault; sepulcher; final resting place for a dead human body; tomb.

gravitate (-s), v. [L. gravitas, heavy.] (webplay: sun).

Move toward the center of a body; press; weigh down.

gravitation (-s), n. [L.] (webplay: earth).

  1. Centrifugal force; power to press or hold; attraction toward another being; gravity.
  2. [Fig.] Isaac Newton's law of gravity.

gravity, n. [Fr. 'heavy, weighty'.] (webplay: attraction; direct; grave).

Solemnity of character; dignity; [pun] entombment; interment; burial in the earth; low position in the ground.

gray (-est), adj. [OE; NW remarks that this was the name for the Greeks due to their fair complexion.] (webplay: between, composed, head).

  1. Color of Confederate Army uniform in the Civil War; [fig.] dusk; dove-colored; one of the sunset colors.
  2. Dun; white mixed with black.

graze, v. [OE grasian.]

Move on devouring.

great (-er), adj. [OE.] (webplay: Creator, crowd, deep, distinguished, extended, father, God, house, Jehovah, large, length, live, long, looks, love, matter, mind, men, more, name, nothing, pain, power, proud, right, road, same, sin, soul, term, vast, walk, wealth, while, word).

  1. Distinguished by rank, office or power.
  2. Large, as in size, a comparison denoting more magnitude or extension than something else, or beyond what is usual.
  3. Expressing a large extensive or unusual degree of anything.
  4. Chief; of vast power and excellence; supreme; illustrious.
  5. Being of extended length or breadth.
  6. Vast; extensive; wonderful; admirable.
  7. Important; weighty.
  8. Part of a proper name.
  9. That or those of greater size, importance, eminence, etc.
  10. Filled to overflowing; pregnant.

great, n. [see great, adj.]

People of rank; person of distinction.