Lexicon: greatness – grief

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greatness (greatness'), n. [OE gretnys.] (webplay: bulk, men).

  1. High rank or place; elevation; dignity; distinction; eminence; power; command.
  2. Largeness of bulk, dimension, number or quantity.

greed, n. [OE groedum, with greediness.]

Need; want; desire; longing.

greediness, n. [see greedy, adj.]

Desire; intense longing; [amelioration] willingness; courage; bravery; selfless desire to lay down one's life for others.

greedy, adj. [OE groediʓ.]

Hungry; possessive; grasping; eager to obtain; unwilling to let go.

Greek, proper n. [OE Crécas < early Teut. adoption of L. Græcus, Roman name for Greeks; < IE root gra/gar, venerable, ancient ones, honorable ones.]

  1. Language of Greece; Hellenic dialect; [fig.] unintelligible speech; foreign language; (see Acts 16:1).
  2. Spartan; young boy of ancient Greece; one who suffers without complaint; [allusion] Socrates; philosopher who drank hemlock when faced with execution.

green (-er), adj. [OE grene.]

  1. Color of growing plants; color composed of blue and yellow rays, which, mixed in different proportions, exhibits a variety of shades.
  2. Grassy plain; piece of ground covered with verbant herbage; earth.
  3. [Fig.] nature; characteristics of nature.
  4. Fresh; flourishing; undecayed.

green, n. [see green, adj.]

Grassy plain or plat; piece of ground covered with herbage; earth.

greenwood, n. [see green, adj.]

Wood or forest when in leaf.

greet, v. [OE groetan.]

Address at meeting; address in any manner.

grief (-s), n. [OFr; NW says: Dutch grief, hurt.] (webplay: loss).

  1. Sorrow; sadness.
  2. Woe; mourning.
  3. Oppression; pain; hurt.
  4. Loss; discomfort; sorrow; suffering.