Lexicon: guinea – gymnasium

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guinea (-s), n. [geographical name appears first in Port. as Guine; unknown origin.] (webplay: golden, value).

Gold coin of Great Britain; [metonymy] wealth; treasure.

guitar, n. [Sp. guitarra.]

Musical instrument; wooden sounding board with strings for strumming; [fig.] essence; substance; creation; [metonymy] music; melody; poetry.

gulf (-s), n. [Fr.]

  1. Bay; harbor; sea of water or air; recess in the ocean from the shoreline into the land.
  2. Abyss; distance; separation in space; gap in time.

gulph (-ing), v. [see gulf, n.]

Phrase. “Gulphing up”: gulping; devouring; swallowing quickly; [fig.] taking; encompassing; making disappear.

gun (-s), n. [ME gunne, gonne.] (webplay: shoot, fire-arms, deadly).

  1. Cannon; ordnance; artillery; [fig.] emission of loud sound, smoke, ash, and fast-moving projectiles.
  2. Firearm; revolver; rifle; deadly weapon; instrument for shooting bullets, balls, or other missiles; [irony] insult; putdown; sharp word; verbal barb.

gurgle (-ed), v. [native echoic formation, or poss. L. 'to gargle, boil, bubble'.]

  1. Burble; ripple; flow noisily; keep moving in an irregular current.
  2. Sink; [fig.] drown; lose life with a struggle; die noisily and unwillingly.
  3. Gush; babble; utter with purling sounds; call out with a flowing, bubbling sound; [fig.] chant joyously; sing effusively.

gush, n. [ME gosshe, gusche.] (webplay: flood).

  1. Surge; effusion; flood; outburst; [fig.] noise of birds calling; [metaphor] concert; symphony; musical production; outpouring of music.
  2. Flow; sudden rush; violent issue of fluid from an enclosed place; [fig.] wave of intense mental agony, physical suffering, and emotional empathy; contraction, like Christ's pain in Gethsemane and on Calvary; [metaphor] strain; song; tune; melody; [metaphor] line; word; phrase; poetic expression.

gush (-es, -ed), v. [see gush, n.] (webplay: blood, force, “he smote the rock, that the waters gushed out,” wound).

  1. Flow unceasingly; pour out; violently burst with rushing liquid.
  2. Sing; burst forth in sonorous melody; [fig.] write powerful poetry; produce prolific creative works.

gust (-s), n. [ON gustr.]

Squall; blast of wind; violent and sudden burst of wind.

gymnasium, n. [Gk γυμνάσιον, to train naked.]

Lyceum; place for practice in athletic exercises; large hall where physical education takes place in a school; site for exercises in climbing, leaping, stretching, balancing, swinging, and so forth.