Lexicon: galaxy – gamboge

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galaxy (galaxies), n. [Fr.]

World; universe; Milky Way; cluster of solar systems; system of celestial bodies in outer space; conglomeration of stars, moons, asteroids, comets, and planets in space.

gale (-s), n. [origin unknown; cf. OE galen, to sing.] (webplay: breeze, ride, storm, wind).

Storm; tempest; gusty breeze; strong wind.

gallant (-er), adj. [Fr. < OFr galer, to make merry.] (webplay: ship).

  1. Spacious; majestic; noble; large; powerful; [fig.] bowing; reaching; extending a hand.
  2. Noble; courtly; gentlemanly; courteous in a romantic sense.
  3. Pompous; showy; [word play on “galleon”] ship-wrecked; lost at sea.

gallantly, adv. [see gallant, adj.]

Courageously; splendidly; in a noble fashion; with show and pomp.

gallery (galleries), n. [Fr.]

  1. Salon; music chamber; recital hall; large room; covered outdoor space for walking; ornamental arcade path framed by trees.
  2. Veranda; porch; projection; balcony that extends from the stern of a ship.
  3. Building that exhibits paintings, sculptures, and other fine art.

gallop, n. [see gallop, v.]

Acceleration; run; pace; speed; sprint; quickness; flight; ability to move fast.

gallop (-ed), v. [Fr.]

  1. Race; run; move with velocity; ride a horse at fast speed.
  2. Hasten; accelerate; hurry mentally; think quickly; travel in thought.
  3. Blow; gust; shake; agitate; move violently in the wind.
  4. Jump; romp; bound; leap; alight; fly up and down.

gallows, n. [OE.]

Gibbet; hanging tree; execution device for hanging someone; upright frame with a crossbeam and a rope to hang criminals.

gambler (-s), n. [ME; see game.]

Game player; risk taker; person who plays games of chance; one who squanders riches by gaming; [fig.] opportunist; fortune hunter; one who tempts fate; [metaphor] mortal; human being that is subject to life's ups and downs.

gamboge, adj. [mod. L. < name for the country Cambodia.]

Yellow; golden; made of gum resin; colored like yellow pigment from the thick liquid of trees native to Cambodia and Siam.