Lexicon: gambol – garland

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gambol (-s), n. [Fr. gambade, leap or spring.]

  1. Leap; bound; springing; unpredictable movement; lively jumping around; [fig.] sport; prank; caper; antic; cavorting; recreation; rollicking behavior; playful activity.
  2. Action; activity; [word play on “gamble” and “amble”] caprice; erratic but regular convention; steady but unpredictable movement.

gambol (-s, -led), v. [see gambol, n.]

Play; dance; leap; move energetically; jump around; skip for joy; [fig.] stray; amble; wander about; walk around aimlessly.

gambrel (-s), n. [shortening of “gambrel-roof”; possibly OFr.]

Hipped roof; New England housetop that has support angles like the joint of a horse's hind-leg; [metaphor] limb; bodily appendage; [metonymy] heavenly body; [fig.] arch; dome; firmament; [fig.] tree; branch; bent piece of wood; curving overhead structure.

game, n. [OE gamen, jest, sport.]

Play; sport; fun physical activity; exercise for amusement; [fig.] joy; glee; merriment.

gammut (-s), n. [L. gamma ut < Gk gamma, letter “g.”]

Musical scale; lines on which music notes are printed; full range of tones in all octaves from the lowest to the highest; [fig.] compass; circuit; orbit; cycle; era; epoch; chronology; interval; period of time.

gap, n. [Sw. gap, Da. gab, open mouth, also opening, chasm.]

Opening; yawn; fissure; chasm made by something breaking apart; [fig.] loss; void; vacancy caused by death; emptiness caused by parting from a loved one.

gaping, verbal adj. [ON.]

Open; yawning; empty; [fig.] devoid of life.

garden, adj. [see garden, n.]

  1. Phrase. “Garden bed”: flower patch; planting place; level piece of ground for growing flowers; [see also bed, n.]
  2. Phrase. “Garden floor”: planting surface; patch of earth; plot of dirt; [see also floor, n.]

garden, n. [ONFr.]

  1. Yard; lawn; outdoor property; cultivated portion of an estate.
  2. Eden; [fig.] paradise; Elysium; promised land; heavenly afterlife.
  3. Blossoms; blooms; plants; flower bed.
  4. Land; territory; fenced area; fenced-off region; [fig.] realm; domain; sphere of influence.
  5. Plot of ground; place for growing plants; area of land devoted to cultivation of plants.
  6. Arena; field; (see Luke 8:6); [fig.] creativity; scene of aesthetic action; poetic state of mind; center of artistic endeavor.

garland (-s), n. [OFr.]

  1. Wreath; floral crown; circular ornament of flowers worn on the head.
  2. Chaplet; funeral wreath for a maiden; [fig.] crown of thorns that soldiers placed on Christ's head (see Matthew 27:29).