Lexicon: general – genius

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general, adj. [L. genus, class, kind, race.]

  1. Common; usual; miscellaneous.
  2. Public; common; relating to the whole community; prevalent; widespread.
  3. Universal; all-inclusive; relevant to all.

general, n. [see general, adj.]

Chief; high-ranking military officer; commander of an army.

generally, adv. [see general, adj.]

Usually; without detail; in the main; in whole taken together.

generate, v. [L. genus, race, stock.]

Produce; propagate; form; bring about; give rise to.

generation (-s), n. [see generate, v.]

  1. Kindred; nation; people of the same time period; deceased loved ones who used to be alive; [fig.] children of God.
  2. People; [plural]; citizens; multitudes; populations; concourses; throngs; large groups of contemporaries.
  3. Posterity; ancestral line; family lineage; [plural] descendants; successions of relatives.

generic, adj. [L.]

Bland; insipid; common; ordinary; customary; regular; not distinct.

Genesis (Genesis'), proper n. [L. < Gk 'origin, creation, generation, come into being, be born'.]

  1. First book of the Bible; first scroll of the Pentateuch; earliest Old Testament volume; [fig.] beginning; time of birth; mode of formation.
  2. Creation; Nature; Earth; the World; [personification] Adam and Eve; humankind.
  3. Eden; humankind's origin; primordial days; the beginning of time; the onset of mortality; [metonymy] the Fall.

Geneva (-'s), proper n. [Celtic gena, mouth < IE root gen, bend < proto IE origin gan, estuary.]

City in Switzerland; home of Calvinism; city of great clock-making skill; [fig.] resurrection.

genial, adj. [L. genius.]

Merry; pleasant; warm; mild; cheering; jovial; kindly; [fig.] airy; fresh; animating; invigorating; inspiriting; inspirational; enlivening; supporting life; contributing to liveliness; conducive to growth.

genius, n. [L. gigno, to be born, to come into being, to beget.]

Particular natural talent or aptitude of mind for a particular study or course of life; as, a genius for history, for poetry, or painting; particular power of invention; also pagan belief of personal attendant god or spirit who governs fortune and determines character.