Lexicon: garment – gate

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garment (-s), n. [OFr guarniment.]

  1. Clothes; apparel; raiment.
  2. Robe; tunic; vestment; investiture; article of clothing; [fig.] body; physical tabernacle.
  3. Covering; protection; [fig.] skin; pelt; hide; [irony] nakedness; exposure; vulnerability.

garner, n. [Fr. grenier.]

Granary; barn; storehouse; building where grain is kept; [fig.] anthology of verses; collection of poems.

garnet, adj. [see garnet, n.]

Phrase. “Garnet Tooth”: red flame; scarlet blast; [kenning] fiery volcanic eruption; glowing stream of lava.

garnet, n. [OFr. < L. granum, pomegranate.]

Crystal; precious stone for the month of January; red mineral occurring in rhomboidal shapes; [fig.] token of love; jewel in a ring; gem given for a wedding anniversary; [metaphor] blood; life force; atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

garret, n. [OFr.]

  1. Chamber; apartment; flat; upstairs room with a writing table by a window; [fig.] life; mortal sphere.
  2. Upstairs room; open space on the top floor of a house.
  3. Loft; attic; storage place; crawl space under the roof of a house; [fig.] secret chamber; hiding place.

garrison (-ed), v. [OFr 'defense, safety, provision, store'.]

Hide; disguise.

garter, n. [OFr jarretier, bend of the knee, lower part of the leg.]

Leg band; flexible circle of knitted strands used to hold up one's stockings on the legs; [homonym] medallion; decoration; ornament of honor; badge for an order of knighthood; [fig.] sunset; colorful sunlit cloud; disk of the setting sun.

gash, n. [etymology unknown.]

Wound; ragged incision; cut in the skin.

gasp (-ed, -ing), v. [ON. geispa, gaspa, to yawn, idle talk.]

  1. Exclaim; speak out forcefully; cry for help with a sudden intake of air.
  2. Catch one's breath; inhale or exhale suddenly; breathe in and out convulsively because of shock.

gate (-s), n. [OE.]

  1. Death; end of mortality; beginning of the next life.
  2. Portal; passage into a city with guards that permit or deny access; [fig.] entryway into heaven.
  3. Opening in a fence; point of access through a wall.
  4. Ordinance; initiation; rite of passage; required procedure for entering a kingdom; [fig.] baptism; conversion; spiritual rebirth (see Matthew 7:14).
  5. Barrier; constraint; [fig.] physical body; mortal life; veil of corporeality.
  6. Door; passage; entry.
  7. Cenotaph; doorway into a sepulcher; entrance into a tomb.
  8. Wound; problem.
  9. Portal between life and death.
  10. Blockage; impediment.
  11. Veil; life before; pre-existence.