Lexicon: Genoa – genuine

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Genoa, proper n. [Welsh gen, jaw < IE root gen, curve, bend.]

Italian republic; birthplace of Christopher Columbus; harbor town on the Gulf of Genoa in Italy; community known in the nineteenth century as the city of a thousand palaces; [fig.] homeland; native country; place of origin; the known world.

Gentian (-s), proper n. [L. < Gentius, king of Illyria.]

Gentiana lutea; purple wildflower that blooms in the fall; medicinal plant; remedy for discouragement; [see ED letters.]

Gentile, proper adj. [Fr. < L. 'nation'.]

Christian; converted; no longer of the Jewish tradition; [lit.] European; Roman and Greek; of the Indo-European nations neighboring the Middle East; [irony] pagan; heathen; heretical; infidel; blasphemous; worldly; [word play on “gentle”] kind; Christ-like; [epithet] “the Gentile Drinker” possibly the emperor Constantine, whose mother Helena gathered relics from the Holy Land and brought them to Rome.

gentility, n. [see gentile, adj.]

Aristocracy; nobility; refinement; cultivation; good breeding; upper class status; position of superiority.

gentle (-est), adj. [OFr 'high born, noble' < L. gens, race, family.]

  1. Mild; soft; peaceable; courteous; affectionate; loving; romantic.
  2. Noble; dignified; honorable; respected.
  3. Soothing; pacific; polite; thoughtful.
  4. Easy; quiet; subdued; muted; unassuming; low-key.
  5. Doable; achievable; not harsh; free from severity.
  6. Kind; tender.

gentlefolk, n. [see gentle, adj. + folk, n.]

Aristocracy; well-mannered people; persons of good breeding, position, and family; [general] neighbor; fellow-citizen.

gentleman (gentlemen), n. [see gentle, adj. + man, n.]

Dignitary; master; lord; distinguished person; noble human being.

gentlewomen, n. [see gentle, adj. + woman, n.]

Ladies; aristocratic females; dames who feel superior because of family status, good breeding, or supposed morality.

gently, adv. [see gentle, adj.]

Softly; meekly; mildly; quietly; moderately; with tenderness; without violence; with no roughness; in a subdued manner.

genuine, adj. [L. genuinus < Aryan gen 'to beget, produce, be born'.]

Real; pure; not fake; not spurious, false, or adulterated; natural; not foreign or produced; proper or peculiar to a thing.