Lexicon: geography – get

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geography, n. [Fr. < L. < Gk 'earth' + 'write'.]

Study of the earth; science class that investigates the earth's surface, forms, climate, natural features, political boundaries, etc.; [metonymy] earth science textbook.

geometric, adj. [see geometry, n.]

Sharp; acute; angular; pointed; mathematical; [fig.] stinting; scanty; measured; concise; [metaphor] metrical; poetic; not verbose.

geometry, n. [Fr. < L. < Gk 'earth' + 'measure'.]

Science that investigates properties and relations of magnitudes in space, such as lines, surfaces, solids, velocity, weight, etc.; [fig.] metrical poetry.

geranium (-s), n. [L. < Gk 'crane'.]

Green shrub-like plant with a brightly-colored fragrant flower.

germ (-'s), n. [Fr. < L. germen.]

  1. Seed; spore of a plant; element that can develop in the likeness of the form from which it sprang.
  2. Origin; source from which anything springs.

germination, n. [L.]

Impregnation; genesis of life.

Gessler, proper n. [poss. Germanic 'fellow, companion, journeyman' or 'falconer'.]

Hermann Gessler; early 14th century Swiss bailiff; Austrian governor of Tyrol; official who tried to punish William Tell by commanding him to shoot an apple off his son's head; tyrant shot by Tell in 1307.

gesture, n. [Med. L. gestura < L. gerere, 'act, carry'.]

Signing; body language; movement of the limbs; motion to convey ideas; physical action to express feelings.

gesture, v. [see gesture, n.]

Express thoughts or emotions through body movement.

get (-s, -ting, got, gotten), v. [ON geta, to get, obtain.]

  1. Encourage; persuade; invite.
  2. Move; pass; proceed; hurry.
  3. Obtain; have; accomplish; achieve.
  4. Become; make oneself.
  5. Arrive; come; go; appear at.
  6. Receive; welcome.
  7. Phrase. “Got through”: ended; finished.