Lexicon: grant – grateful

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grant (-ed), v. [L. 'entrust'.]

  1. Allow; permit; make it possible.
  2. Give; afford; spare; bestow on; provide without expecting compensation.
  3. Yield; furnish; render to; concede to.
  4. Phrase. “Grant God”: I pray; may it be His will that.

grape, n. [It. grappo, cluster.]

Bunch of the fruit of the vine.

graphic (-er), adj. [L. graphus, write.]

Well-delineated; accurately defined.

grapple (-ed, -ing, -s), v. [OFr, diminutive of 'grape hook'.]

  1. Reach for desperately without success.
  2. Mentally struggle with.
  3. Wrestle; physically struggle with.

grasp (-ed), v. [It.]

Understand; obtain a secure comprehension.

graspless, adj. [see grasp, v.]

Inconceivable; incalculable; incomprehensible.

grass (-es), n. [OE.]

  1. Herbage; plants that constitute the food for cattle; habitat of insects.
  2. [Fig.] Grace; herbage associated with or covering the grave.
  3. [Fig.] earth; herbage covering most of the earth.

grate, n. [L. crates, lattice.]

Crosswork of parallel bars, usually of steel, that allows communication but prevents ingression.

grate, v. [Fr. gratter, to scratch.]

Rub in an abrasive manner; wear away; [fig.] diminish one's spirit.

grateful, adj. [Sp. gracia, grateful, thanks.]

Thankful; having an attitude of thankfulness toward one from whom a favor has been received.