Lexicon: guage – guessing

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guage, n. [see guage, v.; variant spelling of “gauge.”]

Instrument for measuring or testing.

guage (-s, -ing), v. [ONF, 'action or result of measuring'; variant spelling of “gauging.”]

Mete; determine quantity; measure precisely.

guaranty, n. [Anglo-French guarantie, 'warranty'.]

  1. Agreement by which one person assumes the responsibility of fulfilling another's desires or expectations.
  2. Something that ensures a particular outcome.

guaranty, v. [see guaranty, n.]

Ensure; promise.

guard, n. [Fr. garde, protector.]

  1. Sentinel; someone that stands watch.
  2. Protector.

guard, v. [Fr.]

  1. Protect; keep in safety.
  2. Watch over; act as a sentinel.

guess, n. [ME gessen, get, guess.]

  1. Conjecture; consideration; supposition.
  2. Estimation; attempt to answer a question without sufficient evidence.

guess (-ed, -ing), v. [see guess, n.]

  1. Judge; estimate.
  2. Suppose; be inclined to believe.
  3. Imagine; surmise.
  4. Wonder; make a conjecture without sufficient information.
  5. Attempt to answer a question without sufficient information.
  6. Make a conjecture; form an opinion based on limited evidence.
  7. Answer; get the answer to.
  8. Realize; become aware.

guessed, verbal adj. [see guess, n.]


guessing, verbal n. [gerund; see guess, n.]

Act of conjecturing; judging without certain principles or means of knowledge.