Lexicon: hasten – haunt

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hasten (-ed, -ing), v. [see haste, n.]

Race; rush; hurry; scurry; accelerate.

hastily, adv. [see haste, n.]

Quickly; nimbly; swiftly; speedily; hurriedly.

hat (-s), n. [OE haet < Old Germanic.] (webplay: cover, crown, dignity).

  1. Cap; turban; toque; covering for the head; [fig.] crest; tuft; tussock.
  2. Symbol of status; head-dress showing the dignity of the wearer.
  3. Phrase. “To lift one's hat”: show respect; give a salute; raise up the hat as sign of recognition.
  4. Phrase. “throw one's hat away”: toss hat as sign of joy; [fig.] celebrate.
  5. Phrase. “hung his … hat”: establish residence; take up one's quarters; [fig.] begin the winter season.

hate, n. [OE hęte < Germanic.]

Aversion; revulsion; loathing; abhorrence; great dislike; intense disdain.

hate (-d), v. [see hate, n.] (webplay: love).

Abhor; loathe; detest; despise; dislike.

hateful, adj. [see hate, n.]

Odious; bitter; malicious; antipathetic; unsympathetic.

hath, v. [see have, v.]

haughty, adj. [Fr. haut, high.]

  1. Bold; energetic; high; mighty; exalted; lofty; presumptuous.
  2. Disdainful; contemptuous; prideful; ignorantly arrogant.

haul (-ed), v. [OFr haler.]

Pull; draw; waddle; drag oneself; move deliberately.

haunt (-s), n. [see haunt, v.]

  1. Place of residence; location frequented often.
  2. Habits; customs.