Lexicon: hunger – hurried

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hunger, n. [OE hungor < Germanic.] (webplay: feel, food).

Appetite; yearning; uneasy sensation due to want of something to eat.

hunger (-ed, -s), v. [OE hyngran < Germanic.] (webplay: feel, food).

Starve; famish; long for food; [fig.] forcefully desire.

hungry, adj. [OE hungri < Germanic.] (webplay: desire, feeling, pain, want).

With a keen appetite; uneasy from want of nourishment; feeling discomfort from lack of food.

hungry, n. [see hungry, adj.] (webplay: desire, feeling, pain, want).

Beggars; poor folks; needy people; those lacking food.

hunt (-ed), v. [OE huntian < Germanic.] (webplay: away, bears, catching, chase, ducks, hounds, killing, search).

  1. Seek; search for.
  2. Chase game; follow wild animal with lethal intent.
  3. Pursue; trail something.

hunter, n. [see hunt, v.]

Marksman; shooter; one who pursues wild animals to kill them for food or sport.

hurl (-ed, -s), v. [origin unknown.]

Throw vehemently; drive away violently; dash about with force; [fig.] assert with power.

hurrah, interj. [origin uncertain, poss. onomatopoeic or influenced by foreign shouts.]

Shout of joy; cry of exultation.

hurricane, n. [Sp. < Caribbean huracan.]

Cyclone; tempest; violent storm.

hurried, verbal adj. [see hurry, v.]

Hasty; rushed.