Lexicon: here – her's

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here, adv. [OE hér < Germanic.] (webplay: attempt, drinking, happy, life, night, place, present, there).

  1. In this world.
  2. In this matter.
  3. At this point.
  4. In the present state.
  5. In this place; in the immediate vicinity.
  6. Phrase. “here and there”: in this place and that; in various locations; at sundry unplanned localities; [fig.] now and then; occasionally.
  7. Phrase. “nor here nor there”: unimportant; of little consequence.

here (-s, -'s), n. [OE hęre < Germanic.]

Site; place; locale; setting; geographic area.

herein, adv. [see here, adv., in, prep.]

In this; within; in this place.

heresy (heresies), n. [OFr < L. < Gk. αἵρεσις.] (webplay: church, faith, law).

Dissent; nonconformity; defection from a dominant belief; doctrine held contrary to the authoritative standard.

hermetic, adj. [L. hermeticus.] (webplay: seal).

  1. Magical; alchemical; scientific; pertaining to the philosophic explanation of natural phenomena.
  2. Perfect; air-tight; sealed; allowing nothing to escape.

hero (-es), n. [Fr. < L. < Gk. ἥρωεs.] (webplay: brave, immortality, lord, man, mortal).

Man of valor; illustrious warrior; person of superhuman strength, courage, and ability.

heroic, adj. [see hero, n.] (webplay: brave).

Bold; brave; daring; illustrious; enterprising; pertaining to the deeds of heroes.

heroine, n. [see hero, n.]

Female hero; woman of brave spirit; accomplisher of noble deeds.

heroism, n. [see hero, n.]

Honor; valor; bravery; courage; qualities of a hero; deeds accomplished by a hero.

her's, pron. [OE; ED uses the apostrophe form”her's” for “hers”; third person feminine singular possessive pronoun; see she, her, and herself.]

  1. [Cataphoric reference to an entity mentioned later in the text] its.
  2. [Refers to Nature or an environmental phenomena] its.
  3. [Exophoric reference to a female person who is not mentioned by name in the text.]
  4. [Refers to an unidentified person or personified entity, in contrast to a flower] its.