Lexicon: hurriedly – husk

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hurriedly, adv. [see hurry, v.]

Hastily; rapidly; speedily.

hurry, n. [see hurry, v.]

Rush, hastiness; acceleration.

hurry (-ing, hurried, hurries), v. [origin uncertain.] (webplay: away, doubtful, drive, heavy, move, rapidity, round, workmen).

Rush; hasten; go speedily; move with excessive haste.

hurt, adj. [see hurt, v.] (webplay: wound).

Injured; wounded.

hurt, n. [see hurt, v.]

Loss; wound; injury; [fig.] grief; pain; smart.

hurt (-s), v. [OFr 'knock, push, jar, strike, hit violently'.] (webplay: feet, harm, oil, pain, pressure, strength, wine).

  1. Harm; bodily injure; physically damage; [fig.] spiritually impair.
  2. Vex; grieve; distress; cause mental anguish to.
  3. Feel pain; suffer injury.

husband, n. [OE húsbonda, master of the household; house, n. + ON bóndi, peasant owning his own house and land.] (webplay: betrothed).

Wife's mate; male spouse; masculine consort; position of married man in relation to his female counterpart.

hush, interj. [natural utterance enjoining silence.] (webplay: tongue).


hush (-ed), v. [see hush, interj.]

Quiet; silence.

husk, n. [origin unknown.]

Dry outer sheath of corn.