Lexicon: unless – unnoticed

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unless, conj. [see less, adj.]

  1. Except if.
  2. Until.

unlike, adj. [see like, adj.]

Different from; dissimilar to; having no resemblance to.

unmanifest, adj. [see manifest, v.]

Obscure; unclear; not apparent; not revealed.

unmeaning, adj. [see mean, v.]

Meaningless; insignificant; forgotten.

unmentioned, adv. [see mention, v.]

Unspoken; unnamed; unexpressed; not referred to.

unmoved, verbal adj. [see move, v.] (webplay: firm, pass, power).

  1. Insensate; cold; still; inactive; motionless; not capable of moving; [fig.] dead; deceased.
  2. Unaware whether; not conscious that.
  3. Firm; steadfast; unscathed; untouched; without loss of integrity.

unmoved, verbal adv. [see move, v.] (webplay: firm, pass, power).

  1. Firmly; steadfastly; unwaveringly.
  2. Quietly; calmly; stoically; without being affected.
  3. Forever; always; eternally.
  4. Steadily; reliably; constantly; regularly; according to the laws of Nature.

unnescessary, adj. [see nescessary, adj.] (webplay: needless).

Unneeded; unessential; useless; superfluous; ineffective.

unnoticed, verbal adj. [see notice, v.]

Unseen; not observed; not watched over; [fig.] seemingly missed, neglected, abandoned, or forgotten.

unnoticed, verbal adv. [see notice, v.]

  1. Gradually; imperceptibly; too slowly for observation.
  2. Anonymously; without notoriety; without attracting much attention; [fig.] humbly; meekly; modestly.