Lexicon: undermine – undiscovered

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undermine (-d), v. [Fr. mine-r, dig under, destroy; see mine, v.]

Sabotage; shake; overthrow; supplant.

undermining, verbal adj. [see undermine, v.]

Mutinous; rebellious; dissatisfied; subversive.

underneath, adv. [OE; see under, adj.]

  1. Below; beneath; lying under.
  2. Further down from.

understand (understood), v. [OE standan, understand, step under.] (webplay: comprehend, know, learned, skill).

  1. Comprehend; know about; mentally grasp the full significance of.
  2. Perceive; sense; fully feel; spiritually take in.
  3. Decode; decipher; interpret; translate; receive the message of; know the meaning of; get the idea from.
  4. Take to mean; believe to signify.
  5. Be conscious; come up again; ascend again from below; have the use of faculties; [fig.] resurrect; be restored; rise again from the ashes.

understanding, n. [see understand, v.]

Idea; reasoning; rationality; argument; intelligence; intellectual comprehension of; conscious knowledge of; exact mental concept of.

undertake, v. [OE < ON. taka, grasp, grip, seize, lay hold of.]

Attempt; venture.

undertaking, n. [see undertake, v.]

Venture; endeavor; attempt.

undeserved, verbal adj. [see deserve, v.]

Unjustified; not merited.

undeveloped, verbal adj. [see develop, v.]

  1. Minute; insignificant.
  2. Unrevealed; potential; latent; not yet disclosed.

undiscovered, verbal adj. [see discover, v.] (webplay: find).

Not known; not detected; not yet found; not brought to light.