Lexicon: unshared – unsuspected

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unshared, verbal adj. [see share, v.]

Unoccupied; not possessed.

unshriven, verbal adj. [see shriven, verbal adj.]

Unconfessed; undelivered; without absolution.

unsown, verbal adj. [see sow, v.]

Unseeded; uncultivated; not provided with seed.

unspeakable, verbal adj. [see speak, v.]

Inexpressible; indescribable; not utterable; hard to put into words.

unspoken, verbal adj. [see speak, v.]

Unvoiced; silent; unacknowledged; private.

unsteady, adj. [see stead, n.]

Insecure; wavering; fickle.

unsubstantial, adj. [see substance, n.]

  1. Hidden; invisible; intangible; nonexistent; undistinguished.
  2. Covert; unseen; shadowy; imperceptible.

unsummoned, verbal adj. [see summon, v.]

Uncalled; uninvited; not invoked; not sought for.

unsurmised, verbal adj. [see surmise, v.]

Surprising; amazing; unexpected; unperceived.

unsuspected, verbal adj. [see suspect, v.]

  1. Unnoticed; hidden; not detected.
  2. Unexpected; unanticipated; [fig.] amazing; surprising; extraordinary.