Lexicon: undisputed – undulating

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undisputed, verbal adj. [see dispute, v.]

Unopposed; not contested.

undistinguished, verbal adj. [see distinguish, v.]

Ordinary; common; unknown; not admired; not considered superior; not seen as extraordinary by others.

undiverted, verbal adj. [see divert, v.]

Not distracted; not turned aside.

undivine, adj. [see divine, adj.] (webplay: deity, true).

Human; earthly; ungodly.

undone, verbal adj. [see do, v.] (webplay: accomplished, gain, makes).

  1. Baffled; confounded; perplexed.
  2. Exhausted; drained of energy.
  3. Destroyed; ruined.

undoubtedly, adv. [see doubt, v.]

Surely; without question.

undrained, verbal adj. [OE dreahnian, make dry, strain.]

Full; bottomless; saturated; not emptied of liquid.

undress (-ed), v. [see dress, v.]

Disrobe; remove clothing at night in preparation for sleep.

undue, adj. [see due, adv.]

Unwarranted; undeserved; unreasonable; excessive; inordinate; too great.

undulating, verbal adj. [L. undulāre, wave-like motion.]

Rocking; rising and falling; pitching and rolling in a wavy motion.