Lexicon: wish – withe

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wish (-es), n. [OE.]

Desire; hope; inclination; want.

wish (-ed, -ing, -es), v. [OE; cf. Skr. wen-, to hold dear, love, desire.] (webplay: fear, supposed).

  1. Will; choose; desire; prefer.
  2. Would.
  3. Hope; long; yearn.

wishfulness, n. [see wish, n.]

Longing; yearning; hope of having; nostalgia for experiencing; state of desiring.

wit, n. [OE.] (webplay: mind, sound, wise).

  1. Knowledge; intellect; understanding; wisdom; sense.
  2. Humor; funny mental connections; clever association of ideas.

witch, n. [OE.]

Enchantress; sorceress; [fig.] poet; sibyl; female author.

witchcraft, n. [see witch and craft.] (webplay: nature, practice).

  1. Power; influence; attraction; charm.
  2. Sorcery; enchantment; spell-casting; [fig.] poetry; enlightenment; language power.

with, prep. [OE.]

  1. Seeming to have; including the feature of.
  2. Accompanying; in the presence of.
  3. Wearing.
  4. Having; owning; possessing; receiving.
  5. Holding; composed of.
  6. Because of; as a consequence of.
  7. Including; participating in.
  8. By; by means of.
  9. Using.
  10. Against; confronting; encountering.
  11. Carrying; bearing.
  12. Below; under; subjected to; in the vicinity of.

withdraw (-s, withdrawn, withdrew), v. [with and draw.] (webplay: away, leave, place, take).

  1. Depart; retreat; retire; leave; step out temporarily.
  2. Remove; seclude; separate; retract.
  3. Recoil; shrink; refuse; hold back.

withdrawn, verbal adj. [see withdraw, v.]

Missing; distant; formerly present; [fig.] dead; lifeless.

withe (-s), n. [OE.]

Band; cord; string.