Lexicon: wool – world

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wool, n. [OE wull.] (webplay: curling, fineness, fleecy, short).

  1. Snow; precipitation as soft and fine as hair from sheep.
  2. Mohair; flannel; fleece; gabardine; sheepskin; material made from the hair of sheep; cloth made of fine, soft, curly sheep hair.

word (-s), n. [OE < Germanic *wrdho-, name, forename, < IE wer-, speaker, command, law.] (webplay: act, custom, deference, divine, full, God, greater, grew, human, justly, language, letter, living, love, promise, revelation, sentence, shall, signal, silent, single, sound, speak, speech, state, syllables, talk, tongue, truth, uttered, voice, written).

  1. Morpheme; meaningful element of a language; specific lexical item that has semantic content; [in ED poem J8/Fr42] spoken term that represents the poignant meanings of the idea “forgot.”
  2. Single utterance; verbal expression; specific meaningful term spoken aloud.
  3. Curse; invective; expletive; [fig.] censure.
  4. Sound; tone; [fig.] note; strain; musical phrase.
  5. Text; lyric; [fig.] human speech sounds.
  6. Prayer; orison; verbal petition to Deity.
  7. Written representation; language unit consisting of alphabetical characters; meaningful element that can be pronounced aloud, as a whole or letter by letter.
  8. Concept; message; comment; thought; idea to be communicated; semantic structure underlying spoken language; meaning that could be represented by speech.
  9. Remark; information; tidings; news; gossip; [fig.] buzzing sound; insect music; [metaphor] acknowledgment; commiseration; consolation; expression of comfort.
  10. Conversation; expressive style; delivery; phraseology; verbiage; way of speaking.
  11. Promise; commitment; oath; contract; covenant; vow; agreement; intention.
  12. Expression; ability to communicate.
  13. Lexical item; [fig.] person; spirit; individual; intelligence; [metaphor] Logos; Jesus Christ; Redeemer; Savior of men's souls; (see John 1:1-3).

wordless, adj. [see word, n. + -less.] (webplay: living, sentence, silent, speech, words, written).

Silent; speechless; inaudible; quiet; without words; [fig.] respectful; reverent; sensitive.

wore, v. [see wear, v.]

work, n. [see work, v.] (webplay: action, better, body, cheeks, child, color, days, diligence, dropped, duties, elements, feat, figures, fire, flowers, grace, heart, labor, machine, man, move, nature, needle, nerve, night, obtain, ruin, seamen, severe, spirit, sun, trembling, way).

  1. Labor; exertion; enterprise; activity; toil; [fig.] challenge.
  2. Product; yield; fruit; outcome; result; [fig.] quality.
  3. Job; duty; responsibility; function; task; labor.
  4. Business; employment; occupation; [fig.] daylight chores; daily duties; [fig.] needlework; sewing, knitting, tatting, stitching, and embroidery; [metaphor] poetry; creative activities.
  5. Goal; ambition; aspiration; design; project; scheme; intent; object; purpose.
  6. Creation; [fig.] writing verse; poetic composition.

work (-ed, -ing, -s, wrought), v. [OE wyrcan.] (webplay: action, cheeks, chief, child, days, design, dreams, dropped, duties, flowers, form, God, grace, hard, heart, labor, man, mines, motion, move, needle, nerve, night, rising, trembling, together, seamen, stir, strain, sun, tides, together, way, wind).

  1. Perform; function; act; operate; [fig.] create music.
  2. Labor; strain; exert oneself; expend energy; [fig.] perform one's natural function; provide light; gather pollen; [metaphor] revise; edit; alter; rewrite.
  3. Strive; aspire; persevere; pursue; seek; endeavor.
  4. Craft; create; compose; design; elaborate; illuminate.
  5. Cause; instill; induce; infuse; bring on.
  6. Shine; give warmth.

working, verbal adj. [see work, v.]

Lower; middle; common; having to labor; earning a living.

workman (workmen), n. [OE weorcmann.]

Laborer; hired man; employee; person who works; one who works til the close of day.

workmanship (-s), n. [OE.]

Handiwork; handicraft; hand-made good; object of artistic expression; product of creative activity.

world (-s, -'s), n. [OE weorold < wer- + ald-, age, life of man.] (webplay: beings, bodies, conquered, contains, countries, created, days, divine, earth, east, exactly, favor, flesh, friends, God, heavens, human, knows, life, lost, lower, manners, men, multitude, nations, occupy, poor, possibility, pray, principle, public, race, roundness, save, Son, sovereign, space, speak, system, time, tract, universe, vast, wearied, whole, wonders, year).

  1. Sphere created by God for man; place for humankind in contrast to heaven, the place for angels (see Jeremiah 10:12); [fig.] mortality; time between birth and death; [fig.] place characterized by sin, pain, and death as well as great pleasure; [fig.] separation between this life and the afterlife; [fig.] the cares, responsibilities, obligations, or duties of one's life; [fig.] place covered by a flood during Noah's time.
  2. Group; type; variety; class; style; kind; genus; species; division.
  3. Era; time period with all of its knowledge, technology, society, and beliefs; [fig.] long period of time.
  4. Heaven; paradise; place in the afterlife where the righteous are rewarded; [fig.] angels; saints; inhabitants of heaven; [fig.] millennium; earth after the Second Coming of Christ.
  5. Humankind; all the people on the Earth; all human beings; [fig.] ordinary people; [fig.] people who inhabit a planet.
  6. Entirety of the Earth; all of creation; every existing thing; [fig.] all living things which were not aboard Noah's ark (see Genesis 7); [fig.] everywhere; throughout the universe.
  7. Earth; sphere upon which we live; third planet from the sun; [fig.] sphere which rotates on its axis producing days and seasons; [fig.] creation; Nature.
  8. Area; region; environment; physical surroundings; places on the earth; area in which the writer lives; [fig.] all of the places in which humans reside.
  9. Planet; [fig.] sphere; domain; habitat; habitation; environment; place; [fig.] something immense; thing of great importance; [fig.] vast distance; [fig.] huge obstacle; great barrier; [fig.] deterrent to arriving at knowledge; hindrance to understanding; [fig.] great change; extreme transformation.