Lexicon: wizard – wonderful

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wizard, adj. [see wizard, n.]

  1. Magical; spectral; enchanting; spellbinding; having special powers; [fig.] virtuoso; masterly; [word play on “whizz”] quickly moving.
  2. Powerful; masterful; tricky; adroit; genius; magician-like; [fig.] spectral; occult; supernatural.

wizard, n. [Late ME; see wise, a.]

Conjurer; enchanter; magician; sorcerer; man with occult powers; [sense play] sage; philosopher; wise man; intellectual mentor.

wo (woe, woe's), n. [IE interjection; natural exclamation of lament.] (webplay: day, equal, grief, man, misery, past).

Sorrow; misery; anguish; grief; pain; suffering; [fig.] mortality; death as a necessary part of life.

woke, v. [see wake, v.]

wolf, n. [OE wulf.]

Wild dog; creature that is sly and vicious.

Wolfe, proper n. [OE wulf, wolf.]

General James Wolfe (1727-1759); victor of the battle of Quebec; commander who served under Major General Jeffrey Amherst; British general who died in the battle against General Montcalm and the French.

woman (-'s, women), n. [OE wífmon.] (webplay: beauty, God, grown, man, modest, ornament, perish, show, soft, taken, tender, wife, years).

  1. Bride; married lady; female spouse.
  2. Maiden; lady who personifies femininity; female with virtues such as chastity, modesty, kindness, love, devotion, patience, long-suffering, beauty, goodness, gentleness, reverence, and piety.
  3. Adult female; [fig.] poetess; goddess; sibyl.
  4. Female companion; consort of a man.
  5. Mother; female parent; wife who has offspring.
  6. Housewife; lady responsible for domestic concerns.

wonder, n. [OE wundor.] (webplay: cease, fair, feeling, new, world).

  1. Miracle; surprising event.
  2. Marvel; spectacle; amazing event; miraculous phenomena; astonishing occurrence.
  3. Musing; speculation; contemplation; reflection; meditation; consideration; awe mingled with curiosity.
  4. Surprise; unknown place; strange territory; unfamiliar experience.

wonder (-ed, -ing), v. [OE wundrian.] (webplay: aggriev'd, amazement, appearance, arrests, cease, deep, esteem, fair, fearfully, feeling, love, show, sight, strange, try, world).

  1. Question; inquire; be puzzled.
  2. Speculate; consider; inquire; muse; conjecture; imagine; theorize; [fig.] notice an absence.

wonderful, adj. [late OE.] (webplay: extent, feeling, show, working).

Grand; dramatic; sensational; awe-inspiring; glorious; magnificent; [fig.] beautiful; resplendent.