Lexicon: worst – would

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worst (-ed), v. [OE wyrresta.] (webplay: befall, defeat, sure).

Defeat; beat; conquer; vanquish; best in a struggle; [fig.] wrestle; grabble with; [metaphor] see the face of; bring down to earth; [word play] textile made from combed long staple wool.

worth, adj. [see worth, n.]

Valuable; necessary; essential; [clipping] worthwhile; worth it.

worth, adv. [see worth, n.]

  1. Merit; in esteem; of intrinsic value.
  2. Deserving; meriting; justifying.

worth, n. [OE.] (webplay: conviction, did, day's, defending, dollars, great, life, market, more, nothing, only, price, scarce, worth).

Equal; equivalent value; [fig.] price; wealth; riches.

worthily, adv. [see worthy, adj.]

Augustly; deservedly; esteemed; merited; regarded; [irony] humbly; meekly; graciously; without complaining; in a dignified manner.

worthiness, n. [see worthy, adj.]

  1. Adequacy; righteousness; excellence; good character; valiant obedience; fitness for heaven.
  2. Value; worth; price; cost; dearness; benefit of having experienced.

worthless, adj. [see worth, n.]

Meaningless; valueless; unimportant; insubstantial; undesirable; not fit.

worthlessness, n. [see worth, n.]

Vanity; futility; uselessness; indignity; transitoriness; ephemeral character; lack of value.

worthy (worthier, worthiest), adj. [ME; see worth, n.] (webplay: mind, sure).

  1. Deserving; meriting.
  2. Fit; adequate; noticeable enough; [irony] sufficiently insignificant.

would (w'd, would'nt, wouldn't, would'st), v. [see will, v.]

  1. Will; eventually; at some future point.
  2. Could; in consequence; [expressing condition where if A happens, B is the result.]
  3. Phrase. “would'nt you”: would you not? [negated tag question for affirmative emphasis] surely; certainly you would.