Lexicon: least – legacy

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least, adj. [OE læst, læsest; see less. adj.]

Smallest; slightest; most insignificant.

least, adv. [see least, adj.]

  1. In the smallest amount; according to the lowest degree.
  2. Phrase. “At Least”: [adverbial phrase] if nothing else; with regard to minimal expectations.

least, n. [see least, adj.]

Poorest person; most insignificant being; one of lowliest station; someone in the worst condition (see Matthew 11:11).

leave, n. [OE léaf.]

Permission; allowance.

leave (-s, leaving, left), v. [OE læfan.]

  1. Gone; departed; [possibly antithesis between “left” and “gone”] remaining.
  2. Deposit; put in place; give and not take back again.
  3. Allow to remain; do not take; do not remove.
  4. Withdraw; depart from.
  5. Deposit; have remaining; at departure or removal, as a trace or consequence.
  6. Allow to remain; permit without interposition.

ledge (-s), n. [ME legge.]

Raised place; projecting edge.

leech, n. [OE læce.]

Aquatic blood-sucking worm; small creature formerly used to extract blood from a sick person.

left, adj. [OE left.]

Phrase. “left hand”: sinistral side of; opposite to the right side of the body; (see Matthew 25:32-33).

left, v. [see leave, v.]

legacy (legacies), n. [OFr legacie, the district of a delegate.]

Heritage; inheritance; valuable bequest; gift provided to another by will at the time of death.