Lexicon: lilac – limitless

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lilac, adj. [see lilac, n.]

Pale violet; colored like the Syringa vulgaris flower; [fig.] composed of lilacs.

lilac (-s), n. [Fr. lilac.]

Flowering bush of the genus Syringa vulgaris; plant having fragrant purple or white flowers; [fig.] funeral emblem; memorial flower; eulogizing bloom; (compare Whitman's “When Lilacs Last in the Door-yard Bloom'd”).

lily, adj. [see lily, n.]

Bright and fragrant; lovely, such as a daylily; pertaining to the floral genus Hemerocallis or Lilium.

lily (lilies), n. [L. līlium.]

  1. Bell-shaped bloom; long-stemmed floral plant of the genus Hemerocallis or Lilium; fragrant white, gold, orange, or red-colored flower.
  2. Blooming perennial bulb; [fig.] Easter bloom; flower that represents new life; symbol of Christ's resurrection from the dead.
  3. Blossoming plant of the Lilium family; [fig.] funeral emblem; memorial flower; eulogizing bloom; [metaphor] emblem of the Virgin Mary; floral symbol of chastity, purity, virtue, virginity, and spotless clothing.
  4. Phrase. “Water lilies”: floating blossom of the genus Nymphæaceæ; broad-leafed flower with underwater roots in a pond or lake.

limb (-s), n. [OE lim.]

  1. Auxiliary; projection; [fig. leaf; stem; plant segment].
  2. Body part; [fig.] branch.

limit (-s), n. [Fr. limite.]

  1. Barrier; demarcation; delineation; dividing line; [fig.] curtain; shield.
  2. Container; containment; restraint; bounds; protecting shell.
  3. Limitation; constraint; check.
  4. Ability; capacity; mortal power; human capability.
  5. Domain; realm; [fig.] purpose; aim.
  6. Full extent; complete fulfillment; entire sum.
  7. Moment; time period.
  8. Frontier; boundary; border; form of restraint; [fig.] season.
  9. End; terminus; terminal depth.

limit (-ed), v. [see limit, n.]

Restrict; restrain; check; hold back.

limitation (-s), n. [L. līmitāre.]

Constraint; bond; utmost distance; full extent.

limited, verbal adj. [see limit, n.]

Exclusive; select.

limitless, adj. [see limit, n.]

Unbounded; having no boundaries.