Lexicon: launching – lazy

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launching, verbal n. [see launch, v.]

Sliding; movement of a vessel from land into water; [fig.] death; transition from mortality to the next life.

laureate (-s), n. [L. laureāt-us, crowned with laurel.]

  1. Bard; [fig.] revered poet; honored lyricist; prize-winning author.
  2. Honoree; venerable person distinguished in their field; one who wears a wreath of aromatic leaves as a symbol of honor.

laurel (-s), n. [Fr. laurier.]

Garland; crown of foliage; wreath of leaves of the Bay tree given as an accolade; floral arrangement placed on a grave in respect for the deceased; [fig.] award; honor.

lava, n. [It. lava.] (webplay: volcano).

Flow of volcanic rock; [possibly adjectival] molten; semi-liquid.

lavish (-ed), v. [OFr lavasse, lavache, deluge of rain.]

Shower upon; give generously; spend freely; present without fear of depletion; [fig.] perform; sing; make music of.

law (-s), n. [OE.] (webplay: absolute, accordance, actions, army, art, bound, called, circumstances, claim, counselors, day, existing, forbids, formal, found, God, growth, institutions, justice, learning, long, Lord, man, mind, nature, neighbors, night, obedience, obligation, off, party, perpetual, process, properties, public, redress, statute, supreme, title, will).

  1. Right; principle governed by nature.
  2. Rule; set of limits; bounds on conduct as established by a government.
  3. Order; peace; absence of anarchy; stability established by government.

lawful, adj. [See law, n.] (webplay: decree, duties, forbids, inherent, obligation, prohibitory).

  1. Legal; compliant; in accordance with statutes; within the bounds of nature.
  2. Legitimate; sanctioned; endorsed; approved; authorized; permitted by the owner.

lawn (-s), n. [Fr. Laon, town name.]

Yard; clearing; grounds; open area near a home; grass-covered parcel surrounding a house.

lay (-ing, -s, laid), v. [OE lęcgan, cause to lie.]

  1. Exist; pass; be located.
  2. Make; create; produce; manufacture.
  3. Set; restore; return; put in place.
  4. Be positioned; be pointed; be headed in a certain direction.
  5. Arrange for; set on the table; place dishes in order for.
  6. Phrase. “lay down”: rest; recline; [fig.] fall to sleep; [metaphor] die; give up life for another (see John 15:13).
  7. Phrase. “lay … mad”: drive crazy; put in an excited state; cause to be angry, jealous, amazed, or frantic.
  8. Phase. “lay back”: return; put to rest in the grave.
  9. Phrase. “lay together”: compress; pack; squeeze; push towards each other.
  10. Phrase. “Now I lay thee down to sleep”: now I place you in a position to rest; [fig.] now I must resign myself to your death; [parody of the children's prayer “Now I lay me down to sleep”]: now I place you in the grave / I ask the Lord to watch over your body / And if you are still alive somewhere awaiting the resurrection / I ask the Lord to restore your soul's body to your soul's spirit.

lazy, adj. [unknown.]

Slow; slothful; idle; relaxed; leisurely; [fig.] gradual; understated; easy-going.